Trade Packs


Trade packs are made for making some coin off of normally useless or less  used items such as building blocks, fuel, low use lored items, and even just crafting normal items that never sell or sell one or two times.

The goal with trade packs is not to give large sums of money but give less than you could make selling to a player but still worthwhile.

Trade pack payout is calculated by how hard the item is to get + the distance traveled when delivering them to an NPC.

There are three types of trade packs:

Normal Trade Pack Crafter & Turn in NPCs

This is the location of the crafting NPC for normal tradepacks in Missitivild. They are near the town center by the main road leading to the southern docks.


5549, 32, 3331

Astrakane Area

-287, 65, 1163

Scorching Edge

-251, 27, 3859

The Tower

2091, 40, 4634