Resource Packs

RPDND Overlay Pack

The RPDND overlay pack allows us to add unique items to the game for your viewing pleasure without restricting you to one certain pack. This server builds in a singular pack called: Excalibur. But any pack will combo with the RPDND Overlay pack easily.

Last Updated: 8/5/2023

Tips & Tricks:

Disable Server Resource Packs - Before you log  in select the server and click EDIT. Then set the Server Resource Pack to Disabled. This pack is outdated and if it is attempting to download anything that is wrong.

Make sure you have OPTIFINE downloaded and in your mods folder.

Make sure Custom Entities & Custom Items are turned on (ESC > Options > Video Settings > Quality and turn off Open GL Errors (Video Settings -> Other)

Download the new Resource Pack Here - The latest version is RPDND_2023_v3. If you feel you do not have the latest always ask in Help-Desk. (I will do my best to keep this up to date)

The Zip file can be placed within your Resource Pack Folder - Log in-game and hit ESC then go to options -> Resource Packs -> Open Folder. Place the Zipped File in this folder and click done. 

Just some cool things you may find...

Custom Pet/Mounts

Do /cpets you should have a little Otter Pet waiting for you. Default Players must wait 2+ hours to earn player rank before accessing otter pet.

Custom Decor

Available in the Admin Shop or found from quests and within resource gathering

Custom Accessories

Available in the Admin Shop or found from quests and within resource gathering.

During special holiday events you may even get the chance to earn your own custom cosmetic item.

Custom Instruments

Playable Instruments!

Learn more