Alternate Characters

More options for fun...

Alternate characters add a fresh look by giving you a secondary perspective, enrich your involvement in the server's story and community as well as allow you to try new classes, races, and other things.

An important thing to remember is that your Alternate Character & Main Character CAN NEVER INTERACT with each other, Be INVOLVED, or otherwise have any relation with each other. As well as you are not allowed to be logged in to two accounts at the same time. This will get your Alternate character privileges revoked (and or removed from the server). While I trust you all to be honest, fair, and not cheat if I do not make this clear now then someone will do it eventually.

Rules for Alternate Characters

How to Apply

Alternate Civilians will remain as they are now [Fill out the Template in #civilian-signup with your expertise and then post it within the channel]

Alternate Adventurers are required to be registered through the ‘Alt adventurer application’ within #adventurer-signup. Again review times may be longer as we prioritize new player character applications first. Using the D&D beyond campaigns for Alternate adventure characters are allowed as long as it's in the same campaign as your main character. If you are bringing a character back or storing one that is currently on the campaign you can keep the new/and old within the campaign as long as they are both in the same one so you only take up 1 player slot.