Roleplayer's Guide

Become a more comfortable roleplayer with these tips & tricks. Even if you are new don't hesitate to take part in the story! You can only get better by trying. Don't be afraid to suck at something new.

RPDND is a dungeons & dragons 5e medieval roleplay minecraft server. Meaning we utilize fantasy and avoid modern names, references, or content while roleplaying. While dungeons and dragons does throw a little spin into the mix its always best to start off knowing we are a medieval roleplay server.

Tip #1

Write a backstory not every story needs to have a tragic beginning to write a compelling and complex character. There can be happiness, comedic, strange, or whimsical even. Always try to include things that influenced your character's upbringing such as:

Backstories are the beginning to figure out why your character behaves as they do. Feel free to leave some things out you don't need to write the whole history sometimes making things up on the fly makes you love the character more.

Tip #2

Character flaws & quirks are perfect to balance out your character by giving them weaknesses & strange habits this creates relatable characters to interact with. It also gives you something to work with when in difficult situations such as:

Tip #3

Sometimes when we hang out with each other in voice chats you can forget to really show the action of your character in game. Always include some sort of action to go along with your dialogue or current emotions. This will really liven up your character and showcase their emotional state and intentions in a different way than just words. Glare at people you dislike, become obsessed over a small animal and attempt to pet it but show uncertainty if its safe to do so, clasp your cheek when you eat a delicious sweet and close your eyes.

Tip #4

Tip #5

Find a local hot spot. Taverns are always a great place to find people gathered up. Make sure to give yourself a decent entrance so everyone knows you are there to roleplay. If you are hesitant feel free to chat in OOC if you have questions or want more context on what is happening at that moment.

Tip #6

When in doubt start simple if you are new to roleplay or dnd keep the character simple for your first time. You don't want a 10 page document with a list of every food they like dislike and are allergic too. Just keep it simple until you are more comfortable.