Association FAQ

Assocations & You

Associations are a collection of guilds & players working under a government ran entity. The Association covers all branches underneath it. Associations are broken down into 6 branches. 2 of the branches are default and allow open activity and joining. The other 4 branches are exclusive and only allows you to join one of the four. We call this branches secondary branches.

Associations do not require you to join a guild to take part in the activities for your branch. Guilds are strictly roleplay and meant as a fun way to coordinate or create new ideas and stories together.

On this page you will learn more about: Trade packs, projects Guild Requirements, Association Notes, Item Notes, register for an association, and the types of association branches. 

Association Types

Primary Branches:

Secondary Branches:


Associations are large organizations that have multiple guilds under them that allows them to organize and create large scale projects that can be completed as a collective group instead of individual guilds. 


Guilds are groups of like minded players who have come together to go on adventures or create focused groups to complete tasks.

[Learn More About Guilds]


Guildless are players who have joined an association but do not claim any guild as their own. They can still assist with projects and do everything a guild can just solo. 

Association Quests

Association Quests are tasks assigned by your branch representative and completed by turning in the tradepack with Dealer Phox (NPC) on the western docks to earn yourself 1 magic note, Association Note (turn this in at the association chests at entrance), a few coins (10 plat) and 100exp.

Once a quest is completed it is on cooldown for 7 days allowing you to focus on other aspects of the server such as roleplay. Each quest is important to get gold, materials, Association Project Notes, and Item Notes.

Mercenary Dungeons are outside of Missitivild but all the other branches normally can be completed within Missitivild except for a few quests.

Pictured Above: Is the location of the first Mercenary Dungeon: The Goblin Dungeon. There is a purple beacon at the entrance to the dungeon and its just north east of the Beast Ranch and East of Missitivild.

Association Notes

 These notes are used in completing large scale projects for the community. Should be turned in at the association branch you are part of. These notes may have more uses in the future. No information at this time.

Item Notes

item notes are collected by players who have joined one of the four secondary associations. These notes are gathered through trade packs done on a weekly basis and should be saved to exchange for a random item down the road.

Magic Items are 10 randomly selected items that can be purchased each month. The cost of these magic items is based on its tier and requires a set number of Notes to exchange for them. 

Item Notes Per Tier

Common - 4 Item Notes

Uncommon - 8 Item Notes

Rare - 20 Item Notes

Very Rare  - 32 Item Notes

Register for an Association

Player Registration

Go to the association building in Misstivild and meet with Deputy Guildmaster Aaron who will give you a recommendation letter. Take the letter to your desired association (artisan, merchant, mercenary, or scholar) at the top floor of the Association Building and turn it in.. You will be given a permission for that association unlocking all the quests tied to that association and access to the specific rooms or zones only for those members. 

To quit your association you need to wait sixty days and (if I can make it work) speak to your association leader to request termination. Then you can join a new association.

Players are not required to join a guild to take part in association tasks/quests. Join a guild if you feel your character would do so or fit in with that group.

Guild Registration

Guilds can be part of multiple associations but you are required to meet the player requirements. Only the members of those associations will be able to access those specific areas not the guild as a whole. Each association you attempt to register your guild with MUST have three active members per each association. 

In total guilds need 5 members minimum to register as a guild. You also need at least 3 members in any additional association category you wish to join. 

Ex: 5 members three who are in mercenary two who are in scholar. Guild is only mercenary recognized until a third person joins scholar.

Guilds who are registered are allowed to request a channel be made on the discord under Player Groups & Guilds. These will be private groups unless otherwise requested.

Guild Registration Form

Guilds must register through the discord under Association Register by making a new forum post and selecting the appropriate tags along with this form.


Vice Leader:


Members: (ign, character name, and discord)

Guild Name:

Crest: (if you have one)



Tag your members discord name 

Keep your member list updated. 

Association Projects

Each association is given part of a larger project to complete. Each association branch has specific focuses that they handle so the project is 100% completed in time. Each project takes 1 month to complete and if the goal is not met will either fail losing the chance to get said item or move to the next month but could cause penalties if the project was important for an event.

4 Months a Year = Projects

4 Months a Year = Materials

4 Months a Year = Remakes4

Association Notes Requirements:

The required notes to be turned in for each association will fluctuate as activity rises and falls.

You are able to earn 4 Association Notes a month to turn in per player.

Association Notes should be turned in to the specific Drop Off Chest before the end of the month at the Association Building.