Building & Renting

From shops to guild halls there are various types of buildings you can acquire on RPDND. We  have Mansions, Medium Homes, Small Homes, Cave Homes, Guild Halls, Tunnel Market Stalls and Shops available. Each has a function and will enhance roleplay for you and your friends.

Renting a place...

RPDND utilizes a plugin for handling purchasing and paying monthly for your property. You can prepay up to two months for both homes and shops. Plot prices are calculated by size of the plot. Each plot type has different rules that they must follow either due to limited plots available, location, or general rules for the server.

Please reference the Building & Ownership rules linked below.

Ownership Commands

Housing is available for rent in the starter town: Sivon.

Once you own a home here are some important commands/actions you can take!

All plots are charged on 30 days OOC and you can have up to two months (60 days) paid for. 

Players are allowed to own one home (or live in 1 home with another person as your registered house) per character. You may have access to other players homes but can not be the primary owner. This is to make sure new players have access to housing. You can have two homes ONLY if you are moving between them and should not take more than a week to complete the move. Sell previous home when done. Make sure to unlock anything you leave behind: Doors, Chests, Etc.

Example of Housing Sizes

Empty Plots

Empty plots are various sized plots that allows players to build a custom house within that set region. Normally more expensive than pre built homes.

Examples of Shop Locations & Types


NPC Public Buildings

Exclusive Plots

These plots have special rules related to them and some can even be gained through OOC events.