How to play Skirmish

A card game that can be played with two players.

Summon Zone

Two players will pick opposite sides to a double chest, the game is played on the top 3 rows. The end columns are considered Mana Zones and the column in front of those areas is their summon Zone.

Mana Zone

Each player begins with all three mana. A single mana is gained at the beginning of a player’s turn to a maximum of three.

Graveyard Zone

The bottom three rows are divided between the two players and used to place reaction/action cards that have been used. They can be removed from the graveyard once all 10 of their reaction/action cards have been used. 

Each turn a player can summon a single creature provided they have the mana, to their summon zone. All creatures under a player’s control may both move their speed and attack once during their turn. Additionally, only one action card or creature action may be used on your turn. Creatures movements are limited to horizontal (left to right) ones and attacks are done horizontally or vertically.

To attack roll a 1d20 + ATK modifier found on the creature’s card against your target’s AC. You may have advantages or disadvantages depending on the card compatibility. If your creature enters the opponent’s summon zone, you may attack the opponent’s HP (AC 15). 

Building A Deck

Skirmish decks consist of 20 cards and 10 of them must be monster cards of any color/symbol combination. The other 10 cards can be any combination of action or reaction cards. You may not have more than 3 copies of the same card on the deck.

Example: 3 Fire tribe goblin scout in any combination is ok. 9 Fire tribe goblin scouts each set of 3 of different colors is not allowed.

Card Compatibility

Card Types

Card Types

There are 3 types of Cards:

Booster Types

Booster Contains 7 Cards - 4 Monsters, 1 Faction Monster, 1 Action/Reaction Card , 1 Faction Action/reaction card. | 5 gp

Faction Boosters 7 Cards - 1 Faction Monster in all 3 colors/Types, 2 Faction monsters, 2 Faction Action/reaction card. | 10 gp

Win Conditions

A player wins if the following occurs: