Minecraft Guide

1.18.2 Minecraft Mod Pack

Provided in the Mod Pack

If you have any issues installing the mods please go to the #help-desk in our discord.

Known Issues: Journeymap - This mod will work sometimes but if it does not work for you use the alternative map Xaero's linked below.

This mod grants you the ability to increase or decrease your character's height, width, and even add features like snouts, ears, tails, wings and more.
Keybind: F12

Get the Add-On Resource Pack Here

Optifine will allow you to see our various 3D models provided in our server resource pack

Make sure you Enable Server Resource Packs (Click Server -> Edit -> Enable Server Pack)

Allows you to navigate the world, create waypoints, and download a large scale version of our map to view.


U (waypoints)

T (settings)

Make sure to download the Forge Version for 1.18.2

Direct Download Link

Reduces the amount of entities loading to only ones you are looking at.

More info

This pack adds a nice visual appearance to the blocks within the world. Other suitable options include: Conquest & John Smith