Character Cards & Roleplay

In-game Character card showing various roleplay options

Character Cards

Character cards are important because they hold basic information about your character and their dungeons and dragons race, class, a reference photo and also your exp and level.

Don't worry only portions of your card are visible to other players. But volunteers may have more viewing access such as XP and Level.

/card <playername> or Shift + Right Click on a player to view their card.

You can change your cards color by click on <Choose your Card Color>

Name & Nickname

Name controls your card name and allows you to have multiple names applied with spaces.
/cardset name <name>

Nickname controls the tablist and is limited to 1 name or a name with underscores. This is to keep the tablist clean
/rpdnd-core:nickname <name>

Race & Class

Race connects to our race plugin which will automatically open up when you click on this. If you have a race already you will get a notification in chat.

Class is your dungeons and dragons class please keep this accurate to what they are called.
/cardset class <class>

Description & Photo

Description is for saying what players will see when looking at your character such as posture, scars, age, and more.
/cardset description <description>

Photo is used to link directly to a reference image that shows what your character looks like
/cardset photo <url>

Sheet, XP & Level

Sheet is to link your DNDbeyond Character Sheet or your Google Sheets character sheet. This is for DMs to be able to see your sheet easily. Players can not see this.
/cardset sheet <url>

XP & Level show your current level that you should make sure your sheet matches. XP is your currently daily exp earned until next level.

Walk Command

Utilize different walking speeds in your roleplay by walking slower and enjoy the company of your fellow roleplayers as you walk together down a path. Also great for when inside of buildings or at parties.


Roleplay Locator

Roleplay locator is perfect for getting a general idea of where players are within the main cities of the server. The Roleplay locator can be pushed deeper and see more detailed areas in the towns like districts, popular locations, and more.

/rp  to open the gui

Roleplay Queue

Roleplay Queue is to help players get paired off for roleplay by giving players a Location and a prompt where to meet. You can choose either personal RP (2 person roleplay) or Group RP (3+ person roleplay) and it will pair off every 10 or so minutes.

/rpq  - to open gui

/rpq accept/decline - when prompted