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Character Leveling

Both Adventurers and Civilians level up using our Daily "Milestone" system. This is daily exp gifted to you for 1 hour of active play every 23 hours. There are NPCs where you can check your current EXP time and when your next one should be given out.

 Adventurers require exp/milestones more than Civilians do since they are taking part in the DnD aspect of the server more heavily. Exp allows characters to grow stronger and adjust their sheets to become whatever the player desires. More information can be found on the Adventurer Page. 

Civilians gain levels just like adventurers. The big difference is instead of gaining stats/feats/etc civilians gain HP & tool proficiencies every 4 levels after the two starting expertise tool proficiencies at level 3. More information can be found on the Civilian page.

How to Gain Exp

There are multiple ways to 'gain' exp but your main source will always be the 1 hour daily play exp reward. 

Leveling Chart