Discord Channel Guide

A simple guide of the most important channels on the discord and how they work

Discord Channel Guide By Category

Weekly News

Latest updates are posted here. Usually a collection of other announcements made through the week in one area or very important information that needs to be known right away.

Community Meeting

Monthly meetings that occur on the first saturday of every month. These meetings can range from a short 30 minute meeting up to a few hours depending on the topics on hand. Its a great time to ask questions about the server if you are new.

Volunteer Applications

Submit your applications through our ticket system which is located in this channel. You can apply for a variety of teams such as:
Loreteam, Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Architects, and Media. Apps may take a few days to review.

Shout Outs Only

This channel is used to show love to players or volunteers some love and really appreciate the work and time everyone puts into the server. Keep the shout outs clean please and dont have any general conversations.

Beginner Area

Beginner Guide

Contains links to our guides on this website

Server Rules

All of our common rules for the server are linked here such as Session 0 and Event Etiquette. You also can gain your civilian rank unlocking more channels to interact with.

Misc Roles

Extra roles you can get for different things such as pronouns, updates, ooc events, etc. Feel free to select all you wish to have. 

Support & Guides

Help Desk

The help-desk is available for anyone who has questions. Never hesistate to ask questions. Since the channel is open sometimes players are able to answer the questions too so if its a question where you are uncertain of the response you can go to the tickets and ask a volunteer directly.

The Handbook

A collection of helpful information for quick reference. Browse the handbook if you have any general questions before going to the help-desk.


Latest changes to the server as a whole this includes: Discord, Website, & In-game changes. Feel free to leave a reaction as its nice to see people enjoying updates!


A variety of options to increase your roleplay and support experience. This channel contains both Server Support and Roleplay Support tickets. These include: Vote Catalog, OOC Events, Ask a Loremaster, GM & DM tickets, etc... Please use the appropriate ticket for your question or request.

Bug Reports

An important channel to keep all issues in one place. if you have any sort of error in-game, on website, discord, etc please submit it here so it can be fixed.


This channel is for suggesting new ideas or changes on the server. Suggestions that will spark large discussions should have a thread attached so the channel does not become clogged and lose previous suggestions. Remember suggestions are for ideas and discussion not complaints & arguing.

Character Cycle Category

Civilian Registration

Civilian Registration is how we keep track of any civilian characters we  have. Its a simple process just fill out the form and post it in the channel. Since Civilians are not adventurers we really focus on making sure your D&D race selection is correct and the proficiencies you chose make sense. This does not get any sort of acknowledged check mark like the Adventurer Registration.

Alternate Accounts

All alternate accounts need to be registered in this channel. This channel is just to house this information and make it easier for players to claim their accounts.

Adventurer Registration

So you want to take part in events this is where you to need to go. We offer two types of tickets: Adventurer Application and Alt Adventurer Application. Be sure to choose the correct one for you. Since we allow up to 2 minecraft accounts per player Main Accounts use Adventurer Application & Alt Accounts use Alt Adventurer Applications

Character Files

Character files is the channel you go to when you need to modify your character in any way. Should you need to do a Rework, Store, Return, Snap or even if your character died. Select the appropriate ticket option to have it sent straight to the correct team.

General Category

General Chat

General chatter goes here this is both an ontopic and offtopic channel for text. If you have media please post it in the appropriate channels.

Voice Chat

Feel free to chat here to communicate with those talking in voice chats while muted.

Bot Commands

Keep bot related commands into this channel primarily for Music Bots. We have a variety of music bots, D&D bots, and our own custom bot RPDND.


In-game is how players from discord can communicate through this channel to the global (an ooc channel) channel in-game. 

OOC Events

Out of Character Events that are normally hosted by Kyazi and require some sort of task to be completed be it solving a riddle, meeting at specific locations, telling a story and more. Usually comes with small prizes like pets, money, or cosmetics.

Roleplay Information Category


In character discord forum for creating posts related to a specific region or topic. Such as: elections, monsters or other disasters in the area to watch for, bounties, and more.

Trade & Auctions

This is where you can advertise your in-character shops, auctions, and trades. 

Rumors and Whispers

Dungeon Master Channel that is in-character. Events can be hinted here and the results of events and how the local civilian (NPC) community is feeling about different topics and issues happening. Always a good resource for in-game knowledge.

Campaign Board

Every 3 months elections happen in-game this is where the next group will advertise their desire to become council members. Feel free to hound them with questions and really get to the bottom of who they are!

Sivon Construction Co

An NPC (Architect) ran building company. They are more expensive than your average player builder and its encouraged to hire from the playerbase first.

If you read the channel there are sometimes building competitions hosted by the Construction Company and also multiple of building packages you can choose from.

Adventurer's Guild

Dungeon Master channel that allows DMs to schedule some events in advance or attract a specific range of players for an event they are hosting. Events posted here are like NPC requests that you would find in a guild hall on a job board.

Council Room

This channel is where the elected Council will discuss different topics happening in roleplay such as: new laws, old laws, criminals, and other topics related to the town they lead.

Looking for Roleplay

A simple Discord channel that informs others that you are online and available to roleplay. Be sure to say where you are and set the scene they will be walking into :)

Guild Creation Applications

Guilds are capped at SIX active guilds at a time to make sure guilds do not die off from being unable to procure their guild documents. Once a guild goes inactive that opens a new slot for another guild to join.

Not all guilds that apply will be accepted if there is only a few slots open and too many applicants. To learn more about Guilds read this.

There can be any number of PLAYER GROUPS which do not require an application or monthly activity checks.

DM Events

Event Text Channels

Each Event Text Channel has a voice channel its paired with. This is where the DM running the event will post important information like photos, event order, and more. Please keep chatter to a minimum in these channels esp if you are not participating in said event.

Event Voice Channels

The Event Voice channels can only be seen if you have the adventurer rank. No one is allowed to directly enter an event channel and must be moved there by the DM running the event from the Event Lobby channel. This is to prevent disruptive behavior from those not in the events or new to the discord.

Player Groups & Guilds

Guild & Group Channels

A collection of channels either public or private that house "noticeboards" for the members of those groups or guilds. These channels are a mix of OOC/IC as guild leaders may post information in them for in-character purposes.

Off Topic

Art Commissions

This channel is for those offering services for in-game gold or cash irl for non-game items such as: Artwork and Skins to name a few. If you are doing anything for in-game gold be sure to also post a shop in #trade-and-auctions so there's an ic reason for your extra gold. For example if you sell skins oocly you could open up a tailoring shop icly.

Memes & Things

Memes, video links,  and other media that does not fit in the other channels etc goes here.

Profiles & Stories

Create a forum post and show off your character's specific art, history, relationships, and more. This is great to keep updated as a journal as well!

Art & Characters

Show off your character art here!

Photos & Screenshots

Any photography or screenshots from in-game should go here.

Gaming Discussions

A simple off-topic channel to discuss other games.


Any great quotes you seen in-game? Discord? the internet post them here.