Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to the Server

This is a simple checklist/guide for any new players to RPDND to make sure you are prepped and ready to enter the server and take part in all things RPDND. If you have any issues or locate any outdated information always come to the discord #help-desk or submit a ticket in #tickets. This page links to all important pages for things like dungeons & dragon character sheet creation, resource pack set up, & more.

You are always welcome to check out the server before following this guide by going to:

Step One: The Rules

Server Rules under Server Guide must be agreed to through our discord if you wish to access more channels. But we have more than just those rules on the server and we want to make sure you have a great first experience so be sure to read through them all to avoid any misunderstandings.

[Session 0]  |  [Server Rules]  |  [Event Etiquette]  |  [House Rules] | [Roleplay Etiquette]

Step Two: The Lore

Our lore is always growing and new additions are being added often so always check back to see what new tidbits of information may come out! The lore is a great place to start if your character is from Aldspace versus coming from another plane.

[Server Lore]

Step Three: Create Your Character

Character creation has two paths: Civilian or Adventurer. Civilians are the default path everyone can take. This path does not take part in combat events or gain skills like magic. They are great for non-D&D roleplayers. Adventurers are your normal dungeons and dragons character sheet with skills, magic (if applicable) and larger pools of HP. This is your typical hero-type character.

[Civilian Path]  |  [Adventurer Path]

Step Four: Application

Depending on the path you wish to take Civilian or Adventurer the application process is different. Learn more information at the pages linked below

You will not be able to see this channel category if you have not accepted our rules in #server-rules

Step Five: Set Up Mods & Resource Packs

We do not use that many mods for RPDND preferring to use Plugins to make it easier for people to just jump in and play. But we do have a few mods that we encourage all players to have on their Minecraft.

Minecraft Launcher Mods

Curseforge Launcher Mods

Step Six: Join Server & Roleplay

RPDND is a graylist server to encourage people to take a chance and try out our server even if you are not the biggest Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. You do not need a completed adventurer character sheet to start playing and you can roleplay immediately upon logging in or explore the server and see what we offer. Feel free to ask questions ingame or in discord #help-desk. Our server works only for Java Minecraft and you can join from 1.13 - 1.19 (though 1.18.2 is the best experience)


[Roleplay Tips]

Town Map

In-Game Learning

Step One: Chat & Commands

Chatting is fairly simple and straight forward to see the in-game guide just do /chat

[Basic Commands]

Step Two: Navigating the town

Having trouble navigating our world? Use the GPS plugin and it will help you find locations more easily!

Step Three: Resources & Crafting

Gathering and crafting is a great downtime activity and a way to progress in different professions. Each resource requires an iron tool to be completed and when such tools are used the blocks will automatically return allowing you to gather without destroying the world.

Resource Map

Step Four: Economy & Leveling

So you have everything set up your application is approved you have been roleplaying for a few days on the server and now you are probably wondering how do I make money and how do I level up? Well the two guides below will teach you just that.

[Economy] | [Leveling]

Step Five: Starter Equipment & Goods

When making your Adventurer Character Sheet you will get to a part where it mentions starter equipment or gold always select gold as this will not be calculated ingame. Players all start with 300gold (30 platinum) in-game to buy their starter equipment or other goods (if a Civilian). You can go to two places to buy gear:

Step Six: Guilds, Shops, & Housing

within the world you can run or own various building types including: Homes, shops, and guild halls. Some buildings have requirements before you can purchase.

[Guilds]  |  [House & Shop Rules]  |  [Set Up a Shop]

Step Seven: Associations & Trade Packs

Associations are a group ran by NPCs that you can join that grants you money, magic items, and future assistance for large scale group projects. Guilds can also join Associations or just as a player.

[Associations] | [Trade Packs]

Down the Road Information

Step One: Modifying my Character

Multiple ways to modify your character but each may cost something different to have the modification completed. Others are mostly cosmetic bonuses.

[Reworks] | [Exp Shop] | [Vote Shop] | [Mounts]

Step Two: Plugin Guides & Searching

Learn more about the server and our systems by using our Plugin Guides. Can't find what you are looking for then go to the top right of the website and use our search functionality to find new pages!

Step Three: Event Guides

Learn more about our event styles and types