Civilian Path


The civilian path is perfect for those who enjoy creating pure roleplay characters and want minimal combat and want an easier version of the standard D&D character sheets. The civilian path is created using specializations and allows players with minimal D&D experience to make a quick character while still being able to take part in the events in our minecraft roleplay server.

Register your civilian in #civilian-signup on the discord using the civilian google sheet. Make sure the google sheet is viewable but not editable by viewers.

Civilian Registration Form

Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Gender:

Character Race:

Level 4 - N/A [Expert]

Level 4 - N/A [Expert]

Level 8 - N/A

Level 12 - N/A

Level 16 - N/A

Level 20 - N/A

Character History: [Please include the following:]

Submit this form to #civilian-signup on discord if you plan on being a civilian instead of an adventurer.

Important Notice:
If you select the civilian path and down the road change to Adventurer your character exp will be reverted back to 2700 exp (Level 4) upon your adventurer application being accepted. This is treated like you are starting your adventurer training rply and lack the skills and abilities needed. 

Civilian not for you? Check out the Adventurer's Path...

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