Pregnancy & Childhood

Herald's & Aging

Heralds are spirits of the goddess of fertility and their job is to bring children to players who wish to have them, help with the process of aging children from babies to youthful teens and to protect children and guide them. You can see the Herald's residing in the night skies above as they take shape of animals. When a child is born from the heralds the night sky loses one of the animal constellations as it guides the child to its new families that have prayed long and hard for these children.

Those who have wished or divine interventioned may see the sky completely lose all the animal spirits for a duration of the night.

Pregnancy in Roleplay & Events

Characters who wish to start families may run into the issue of what to do when danger approaches or have concerns about their livelihood during the months of time you are pregnant. For the sake of not ruining someone's roleplay in general we leave the decision to take part in an event or not up to each individual player.

If your character would be cautious and avoid danger for their baby's sake, that's great roleplay. If you choose to join combat knowing you are pregnant no DM will force a miscarriage on your character. In other words you will not be forced to roleplay the death of your child or a miscarriage by a DM. Any player who chooses to do this roleplay does it at their own choice and will do so in an appropriate manner that is not insensitive or inconsiderate to those on the server who may wish to avoid such roleplay aka don't shove it down their throats or make a big show about it. We also want to state you can not blame the DM (if you went to an event prior to this decision as again no DM will force this upon you and it is your choice alone.)

Roleplaying live births on the server should not be happening. There are just some things that can be awkward for many people. Keep it appropriate please.

We ask anyone even thinking of doing any of this roleplay to be aware of those who play on this server and may have had to endure a similar situation IRL and ask that you Fade 2 Black for the roleplay and avoid anything graphic.

Children & Aging

Quick Aging is a perk for any characters or NPCs under the age of adventuring for their specific race (ex: Humans are 16 years old). By doing this you can quickly age until you hit the adventuring age or stop at any age beforehand at your choosing. Each age group has different “requirements” to age. This could be going to a friend's birthday party or get blessed by a priest. Completing these tasks in Roleplay will grant your npc/pc child an additional year more quickly. We call these quests: “Milestones” to earn a full year you must complete two milestone requirements. This is self monitored but you should keep screenshots of your participation in-case anyone asks.

These quests should ADD to roleplay not be some quick way to age up without giving some quality roleplay back. If you are hosting a birthday party, actually host one, don't just say you did.

What to do & how to play as your child character once they hit adventuring age:

Some kind of Ceremony to celebrate their aging. Aka a Birthday party. This should be done after each milestone years are achieved to solidify the herald’s magic that is assisting in aging the child.  Milestone years: Age 4, Age 7, Age 12, Age 16.

Races that age quicker than Humans will still gain 1 year per two tasks. Races that age slower than Humans will gain multiple years per two tasks. For example: Elf | 88 years to reach adventuring age divided by 16 = 5.5 years per 2 tasks.

NPC Ages [0-4]

These activities are just generalized for the age group. Some may be repeated as needed. These are just normal NPC type roleplay handled by the parents of the child. Once the child reaches 8 years old they can be roleplayed by a player.

Ages 0-2:

Ages 2-4:

Child Ages [4-7]

The young years of adolescents and troublemaking to be had. This is when a player could become the Roleplayer of the Child and have the NPC status removed.

Ages 4-6:

Ages 6-8:

Child Ages [8-12]

The young years of adolescents and troublemaking to be had. This is when a player could become the Roleplayer of the Child and have the NPC status removed.



Goal: Find an unexpected friend that your parents do not know or have never met. (non-npc) and help them with some type of task.

Teen Ages [13-16]

Young teenagers who know everything about everything. Once you hit 16 you can become an adventurer.



Goal: Become an apprentice either to a crafter, government official, or adventurer and do several training sessions (proper ones) with that person.