Mounts Types

So you're looking to get a mount or you've got a license already? Brilliant! This page will help you understand how it's all set up and how it's designed to be as flexible as possible! 

Types of Mounts Available

Spell or Class Based Mounts

Gained through Find Steed, Find Greater Steed, other mount summoning spell, or as a class feature. This does not require a Mount License. You can represent these mounts in events by using wool blocks to track their movement across the field or getting a cosmetic mount. 

Cosmetic Mounts

Utilizing the Pet System to have a quick travel companion that you can summon and ride. These mounts are not combat mounts and can only be used to represent a mount but would require a mount license or a spell/class feature to be used in combat..

Licensed Combat Mounts

These mounts are custom designed and require a Mount License to be turned in to a DM to be created. They do not get any physical representation but they are allowed within events and normally represented as Wool Blocks.