Roleplaying with Languages

Roleplaying with Languages

When in roleplay you may encounter a player speaking in another language. While they are typing in english it is considered meta-gaming to know what the person is saying when they are typing in a language you do not know. The easiest way to know if they are speaking another language is look for a letter between two [ ] this indicates the message is being written within that tongue. If there is no [ ] it is in common.

A - K

Abyssal [A]

Celestial [C]

Daelkyr [Da]

Deep Speech [DS]

Draconic [Dr]

Dwarvish [Dw]

Elvish [E]

Giant [Gt]

Gith [Gi]

Gnomish [Gn]

Hadozee [Hz]

Halfling [H]

Infernal [I]

Kraul [Kr]

L - Z

Leonin [Le]

Loxodon [Lox]

Marquesian [Ma]

Minotaur [Mi]

Naush [Na]

Orc [O]

Primordial [P]

Quori [Qu]

Riedran [R]

Sylvan [S]

Thri-kreen [Tk]

Undercommon [Uc]

Vedalken [V]

Zemnian [Z]


Aquian [Aq]

Auran [Au]

Ignan [Ig]

Terran [Te]

Aldspace Dialects

Aldsean [Ald]

Gortarthian [Gor]

More coming soon