Toolkits in RPDND are used for both events/interactions as well as Crafting various items on the server. Be it armor for your character to a fancy new hat. Some items do not require any tools at all to craft and all of the recipes will include the required toolkit written below the recipe OR it will be posted at the top of the page if its a dedicated page. Note: Tools that are not usable for crafting are at the bottom of the page.

Tools For Crafting & Events

Alchemist's Tools

Anything related to chemical concoctions, potions, balms, arcane, and more.

Brewer's Tools

All things alcohol. Brews, Beers, Wines, and more.

Carpenter's Tools

Projects like Furniture, Structural, etc. But if you want to add a unique look to the object go to woodcarver's tools

Cook's Tools

All Cooking Recipes

Glassblower's Tools

Any item that is focused on glasswork

Herbalism Kit

Anything related to plants/herbs, balms, salves, teas, healing and antitoxin potions.

Jeweler's Tools

Jewelry crafting

Leatherworker's Tools

All goods that deal in any type of leatherwork.

Mason's Tool

Stonework focused on structural items.

Painter's Tools

Painting and other Art Related activities

Potter's Tools

Focused on Clay-based items

Poisoner's Kit

Focused on poisons, toxins, and antidotes. 

Smith's Tools

Metalcrafting for things like armor, weapons, and basic materials for other recipes.

Tinker's Tools

Any sort of intricate crafting like making a clock or other finer detailed crafts. Working with metals, wood, and more.

Weaver's Tools

Any recipe focused on fabric crafting. Normally cosmetics like Plushies.

Woodcarver's Tools

Add extra details to certain objects and crafting small scaled wooden items. Sculptures and figurines.

Tools For Events Only

Thieves Tools

Disguise Kit

Forgery Kit

Navigator's Tools

Calligrapher's Tools

Cobbler's Tools

Cartographer's Tools