Character Snapping & Unsnapping

This is good bye...

We at RPDND give our players a unique opportunity if you are tired of your character we don't want you to... find the biggest monster and walk into its mouth just to force an 'event death' that's bad for other players and you are harming your PARTY which is wrong and super rude. To combat this we have implemented a 'SNAP' type offer. In exchange for removing your character out of existence meaning they can never return to the server as a character, npc, etc. Put the request in a ticket on the #char-updates channel on discord

Snap Form

Important Information

Game Master Steps

Formula: Snap EXP = ((XP - Starting EXP) /3 ) + Starting EXP

Wait... you're back?

Surprise in a discussion within the volunteer team it was expressed that a lot of players regret their snaps well I am merciful and have come up with a solid plan to allow you to get your characters back but they do still have to pay the price of being snapped. Below are the requirements of returning. Please submit all requests to be un-snapped in the #char-updates -> Character Files ticket. The GM and DM team have access to this section allowing for better coordination.

UnSnap Form


Character Name:

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Character Backstory:

Character Returning Reason:

Last EXP:

Important Information

Game Master & Dungeon Master Steps

Rework before you snap?

Hey before you snap your character check to see if you can rework the character before you say good bye!