Voting & Vote Shop

Vote Shop

Below are some of the items you can obtain by spending your Vote Points. Each vote gives you 10 points equaling 40 points per day. Once you collect enough points check out the below items and if anything interests you head to the #tickets in discord and submit a vote catalog request to have the items delivered.

Submit a Voting Shop Ticket through discord under #tickets

/vote points

Any mounts that have a "baby" version will not be available in the vote shop and must be acquired through "raising the baby." Excluding Yokibirds baby and adult forms :)

? Mystery Box ?

Roll a 1d3 to see if you land on tools, basic mount/pets, or custom mount/pets. Roll must be done in discord where Kyazi can see it :)

1,000 Vote Points

Mount Alternative Skins
Requires you to own the main mount first. If it is a raised mount you can also buy their alternative skins here too.

See Alternative Skin Options on Pets & Mount Page

300 Vote Points

Skirmish Trading Cards

Excluded from Mystery Box

Chance to get:

10x Pack of Random Cards

from the Skirmish Card Game

20 Vote Points

Enchanted Tools

Excluded from Mystery Box
Unbreaking 1 | Unbreaking 2 | Unbreaking 3
Iron Tools (Any)

200, 300, 400 Vote Points

Basic Mounts/Pets

Pets/Mounts from Minecraft

1,200 Vote Points

Custom Mounts & Pets

Custom Pets  |  Custom Mounts

2,000 Vote Points | 3,000 Vote Points