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Dungeons & Dragons has a variety of classes and subclasses to choose from. Below is what we allow on RPDND. Remember to check the Restricted page if you see any missing subclasses.


Inventors using magic and their tools to unlock the abilities within objects.

Specialty: Alchemist | Artillerist | Armorer | Battle Smith


Undeterred by a challenge barbarians hone their unbridled rage and fury to take on enemies.

Path: Ancestral Guardian | Berserker | Battlerager | Storm Herald | Zealot | Totem Warrior (Bear, Eagle, Elk, Tiger, Wolf) | Beast | Wild Magic


A lullaby twisting words with magic to buff and support their team or weaken their foes.

College: Glamour | Lore | Swords | Valor | Whispers | Creation | Eloquence | Spirits


A bridge between the mortals and the gods embodying their gods desires and beliefs

Domain: Arcana | Death | Forge | Grave | Knowledge | Life | Light | Nature | Order | Tempest | Trickery | War | Peace | Twilight


Beings with great respect for nature and able to harness the elemental fury and beauty.

Circle: Dreams | Land | Moon | Shepherd | Spores | Stars | Wildfire


A great mastery of the skills needed to weild a variety of weapons and the strength to wear different types of armor

Skillset: Arcane Archer | Battle Master | Cavalier | Champion | Eldritch Knight | Echo Knight | Samurai | Psi Warrior | Rune Knight | Purple Dragon Knight (Banneret)


Utilizing the power from within their bodies to show vast combat prowess through attacking or defensive actions

Way: Drunken Master | Four Elements | Kensei | Long Death | Open Hand | Shadow | Sun Soul | Mercy | Astral Self | Ascendant Dragon


Guardians bonded to the gods through their oaths both witnessed by the gods and priests.

Oath: Ancients | Conquest | Crown | Devotion | Redemption | Vengeance | Glory | Watchers | Oathbreaker


Watchers from the shadows of the forest far from the bustling cities showcasing great skill at ranged attacks

Archetypes: Beast Master | Gloom Stalker | Horizon Walker | Hunter | Monster Slayer | Fey Wanderer | Swarmkeeper | Drakewarden


Moving through the shadows the stealthy and silent assassin with great resourcefulness.

Expertise: Arcane Trickster | Assassin | Inquisitive | Mastermind | Scout | Swashbuckler | Thief | Phantom | Soulknife


Born or gained magic flows in the veins of these great magic wielders.

Focus: Divine Soul | Draconic Bloodline | Shadow Sorcery | Storm Sorcery | Wild Magic | Aberrant Mind | Clockwork Soul


Pacts created to gain great power they seek out the knowledge of the universe

Patron: Archfey | Celestial | Fiend | Great Old One | Hexblade | Undying | Fathomless | Genie | Undead


The power held within their spellbooks gained through years of study and training.

School: Abjuration | Bladesinging | Conjuration | Divination | Enchantment | Evocation | Illusion | Necromancy | Transmutation | War Magic | Order of Scribes | Graviturgy | Chronurgy