Character Reworks

How to submit a rework

Step One: Navigate to Character Creation Category on Discord

Step Two: Go to the #char-updates channel

Step Three: Select Begin A Rework & Fill out the form provided.

Step Four: Go to your ticket and communicate with the DM team.

Step Five: Once the request is completed you can access your ticket through the TicketBot DM message "View Transcripts"

Rework Form:

Once Approved make sure your disable the old sheet (if in our dndbeyond campaigns to make room)

Types of Reworks

New Player Rework

This is the rework that must be done before your character hits level nine. Each character gets two reworks before level 9 (& a third one usable between level 9 to level 17) to use. There are some restrictions: 

Character Race & Gender can not be changed using this rework.

 Without Kyazi's approval via DM ticket. If approved a rework will be taken
[If changing a theme of a character entirely would still need approval]

Abusing this by remaking your character's gender, name, and overall backstory/theme is not allowed.

Soft Rework

This rework comes through our EXP Shop and allows players to do changes to their character by using the exp they earn in game. For full limitations reference the EXP Shop page.

The Full Rework

This is an ooc event item only given out during Fundraisers or Holiday Events and allow you to change your character: Race, Class, and Gender.

This is not to be used as a way to make a "new character" to avoid losing exp or items or even to avoid roleplay consequences. The item is consumed on use. Please submit a DM ticket to use this item.

You may only use 3 max Full Reworks per character. 

Additional Information

If a new content (race/class/etc) is added to the server players are always given 2 weeks to switch their character to that race/class/etc (if desired) before all changes are locked again. These do require going through the rework threads on discord. But only that aspect can be changed freely other character changes will require a rework.