Ruval and the camp

A dead land covered in snow and ice with only minimal grassy areas to grow food. The fleeing civilians of Aldsea arrived via portal and now called this place home. Littered with tents and ill equipped to house so many civilians the camp grew and with it so did the dangers of the island.

Ruval Lore

Ruval and the Camp

In Ruval, peace resides, for however long it may.

The swarm of refugees from the disaster of Aldsea have started making their homes, and the guilds formerly nooked inside of Aldseas' city, partially transfer their headquarters as they may to the island of Ruval. The cold air still nips at the cheeks of each individual.. but the snow has been shoveled away from the mainland of the camp to offer.. at least a small form of livery amongst the pathways and tents.

The camp in it's ability to harbor so many individuals is at an all time lacking, however. After all, Ruval in and of itself was a tight fit for the original explorers of Aldsea setting out to try and find Michael Hemmet after his former disappearance so long ago. None the less, efforts are being made to help their stay, however temporary it may be.

The guardforce formerly employed upon Ruval from Aldsea, has also taken it's own 'climate' of sorts. During the same time the noble-blooded individuals in Aldsea took their leave to Gortarth, the same missive was sent to Ruval. However, given the mixing of sellswords and trained guards, a.. unique flavor of 'faction' developed between the men and women who claimed Ruval as their home since the hunt for Michael Hemmet. 

There were many guards who did not follow the orders given to them from the King of Gortarth, and remained on Ruval. Though halving their numbers, those from Aldsea who were capable in defense and who were seasoned in keeping the peace, signed on to aid this new life of theirs. Though no titles were properly given, most tend to refer to the guardforce on Ruval now as 'Ruvalite Guards', as opposed to 'Aldsean Guards'.

There are many things that need to be done in Ruval, and there are many a whisper of Ruval-Folk arguing about choking the noticeboards with requests for aid from the Ruval expeditioners, and former Aldsea-Faithful.

Tree of Horrors

Everyone in the camp shares a singular nightmare the same fateful night, a disembodied voice in the darkness whispers " feed...!". In their dream vines begin to coil around their field of vision until a loud crunch is both felt and heard. You awaken to beads of sweat running down your collarbone, exhaustion settling in your core. Trying to remember the dream only yields the image of a dreadful looking tree with cultist coming closer. [Tree of Horrors Dungeon]

A Missive

To all concerned parties,

This missive is meant as a breakdown of findings in regards to the situation in Ruval. 

For centuries Ruval has been  a landmass of snowy mountains, forests and undeath. From what we know there have been various attempts to establish settlements over the years and yet those have proven, perhaps not entirely but to our knowledge, fruitless.

From our research we have learned that the struggle dates back to centuries ago and involves several powerful beings, mages, vampires and beings who at a point in time had a following and were revered as Gods.

 Roughly three centuries ago, as groups tried to establish settlements in the land we know today as Ruval there  was someone, presumably the being we know as Pan who designed a plan that would make this plane of existence and the shadowfell converge in some way. The details of the motivations behind this or true goal are, to this day, something of a mystery to us.

 We came to learn that during this time, roughly three centuries ago a diviner by the name of Euphemius Palermo was able to foresee this plan and so he set in motion his own plan, one which has since been called “ a mockery of Pan’s magnum opus”. However, for reasons we have yet to learn, Euphemius was unable to finish his quest and so he wrote up a series of journals that were scattered  all over Ruval and arranged for a descendant in Gortharth, one we know to be Marchion Arcadeus Palermo of Gortharth to receive one of these journals centuries in the future.

This all brings us to recent years when most of us came to be in Ruval. 

The following names are a number of key individuals who all played a part in the current situation in Ruval to my knowledge. 

Pan A powerful being, self proclaimed “Lord of Madness” who had a following comparable to a god’s, a cult that offered sacrifices in his name. He is an ancient being who possesses lost knowledge about the secrets of this world and it’s origin.  We have come to learn that, for centuries, he has been manipulating the course of history on Ruval and perhaps beyond the confines of the landmass. Throughout the years he has persuaded different factions and peoples into carrying out seemingly random deeds that likely play into his very own agenda.

Jarial Mind Flayer who seems to be involved with Pan’s plan. We first met him after Pan was freed from the tree of Horrors. He is able to alter people’s memories. Allegedly he comes from Phlan, northern region of Faerun. Was formerly not a mind flayer but a sorcerer.  Not much else is known.

Euphemius Palermo was a powerful diviner  who was aiding efforts to establish a settlement in Ruval. He was able to divine Pan's plans and set in motion his own contingency plan centuries ago. He was unable to finish his work then and delegated the continuation of it to his descendant Arcadeus leaving behind a series of journals and blueprints to aid others in completing his work.

Arcadeus Palermo Marchion of Gortharth. Arrived in Ruval after receiving a correspondence that had been held in Gortharts for centuries for him. This would have him travel to Ruval to investigate his ancestors' claims in his journal. Seems to be working under Gortharth’s Crown. 

Queen Leera was an Elven Mage who used her magic to free herself and others from slavery and became a leader to many until she was murdered. Death wasn’t the end of her existence however. We don’t yet know by what means but Leera has been in Ruval for centuries after her death. She can control the undead and hear and see through them. One was even used as a proxy to contact her and that is the only interaction we have had. She appears to have been driven to madness by the likes of Pan who mentored her in using her magic in the past. 

Cassius Ancient Vampire priest responsible for turning Valerie. Used to to be trapped in a Domain of dread until, allegedly freed with the help of Pan. He was found in a trapped cave during an expedition into Ruval’s wilderness.

Valerie Ancient Vampire Blood Mage. Loyal to Cassius. Used the blood spilled during the siege to rid us of the eternal darkness casted over Ruval at the time. We know little of the motivations behind her actions. She was found in a trapped cave during an expedition into Ruval’s wilderness.

Piu A masked individual who had a falling out with Pan. Former Leader of Pan’s cult. He planted the Tree of Horrors. Used to be Leera’s lover and fiance. Piu’s remains were found by the Yennalti Spears in a trapped cave and in similar fashion to Cassius and Valerie he was presumably awakened then

“The Quartermaster” Ancient undead abomination responsible for the murder of Cassius, Valerie and Piu and the concealment of their remains hidden away in heavily trapped caves through Ruval. Is seen in the company of an undead hound. 

 “The Smith” A craftsman whom Pan bestowed immortality to and bound to his service in a contract. Responsible for the creation of the undead tainted with Shadow stuff as well as a few signature weapons, namely Drosera and Judgement. Also forged a series of mist talismans. Seems to be cursed. His Emotions and will powered rendered mute, presumably by centuries spent in the Shadowfell.

Drosera Once a human who served Pan and Piu as a follower of Pan’s cult. Referred to as a very promising and perhaps powerful person. Poisoned Leera to death in an attempt to eliminate any distractions that would get in the way of Piu’s service to Pan. 

It is my hope that by writing this I offer those concerned with these topics some clarity, I myself have struggled for what has now been years to obtain most of this knowledge, fought battles and traversed the Mist and the Shadowfell as have many others.


Aoibhe Saoirse Frazier

A Letter to the Gortarthian Ruler

Ruval, Lands of the Dead

Your Majesty,

I offer my sincere apologies for the lack of reports in the last seasons, may you find yourself in good health and spirits. I have renewed admirations for the streets of Ovorost and a warm meal since this voyage started. The vast landmass known as Ruval is in fact composed mostly of snowy mountains, forests, and swamps. Whilst the history books only offer glimpses into a macabre past steeped in shadows, and undeath, I have begun to untangle the mystery.

At various points in time, there have been those who attempted to settle the lands only to become permanent denizens, sad souls who are trapped in the endless rebirth of undead until their minds widdle away. There is still hope, however, there are living creatures who have coexisted in these lands. I myself have seen wolves hunt a stag, who after partially eaten, had risen up again and continued their futile escape. The skies, the land, and the sea all exhibit signs of the dead and the living coexisting.

The adventurers have managed to establish and defend a foothold in Ruval, it has since been named Camp Radiance.  I implore we exercise caution, the Yennalti Spears and other dangerous groups have been confirmed to be in the area. Jafuran Greatskull, a minotaur leading a suspiciously large number of mercenaries assisted the adventurers with their explorations and defense of Camp Radiance. He had gone missing days before the siege that took place after the Winter Soulstice. I fear they lack any real motivation to further aid us now that the adventurers have grown weary of them and tossing coin their way.

My predecessor Euphimous Palermo III, has left me clues in the form of ciphers and riddles across the lands. This confirmed the weak veil between our world and the Shadowfell, it was not vicious murders, nor bad luck that so many envoys vanished and settlements failed. New allies in the form of a priest by the name of Cassius and his associates Valerie and Piu have brought to light a danger best left undisturbed. A domain of Dread.

Once I have found what is hidden from us and finished Euphimous’s work, nothing will delay me from returning home.

                  I have the honor to remain your Majesty’s most humble and obedient servant,

                                                                                      Arcadeus Palermo, Marchion of Gortarth