Yearly Fundraiser

Our yearly fundraiser is our only form of donations we do. This fundraiser is only activated when the server funds require it for development, artwork, server payments, etc. Thanks for supporting RPDND.

RPDND Fundraisers

We only do fundraisers when we need them. Any funds gained through the fundraisers are used for the server hosting & development. For a full year of hosting at current prices it will cost us around 600.00. We also want to be able to create new things and make sure that we can scale as needed for the playerbase size we have and the future.

Server Costs

Donation Rewards

Rewards given to players who have donated during the fundraiser. Along with these perks or items you will be entered into a raffle for a larger prize.

Raffle Prizes

Depending on the dollar amount donated each person will get a set number of raffle tickets. Raffle items are limited but everyone will get something.

Community Tiers

Community tiers are large scale donation rewards that effect the whole community. Be it an additional feat when you start, inspiration, a new race, source book, etc. These are just fun things that can be earned by the server as a whole.