LWC - Locking

Keep items locked up tight!

LWC is a great plugin for protecting your items. You can protect a various amount of blocks such as doors, trapdoors, furnaces, chests, barrels just to name a few. Some blocks will automatically place with Privated Locks.

Locks can even be set to auto close, add more members to have access, and other features. 

See more commands on the LWC Wiki you may not have access to all the commands listed.


/cpublic - makes chest public access (anyone can open)

/cdonation - anyone can open but can not take out items

/cprivate - no one can access it but you and those you add

/lock - defaults to cprivate

/unlock - removes any lock from the item

/cpersist - this will let you use the same command multiple times. for example: /cpersist then do /lock and you will not have to type the /lock command multiple times in a row.

/cmodify - the starting command to add or remove people from having access