Adventurer Path | Google Sheet

Join the community as an adventurer in our westmarch inspired minecraft virtual tabletop campaign. Where you can roleplay as a 5e D&D character. With over 40+ D&D races and subraces there is a lot for you to choose from to make the best character you can. 

Google Sheets 5th Edition Character Sheet Guide

Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild

"Before you can join events we must get you registered with the adventurer's guild. All person's who show incredible strength, skill, or magic prowess must be registered to be called upon in any time of need. But this does not mean you can not have your own hobbies or pursuits (within the law of course). Please follow the guide below and don't miss anything important!"


Creating your Adventurer

When you have completed your sheet submit it in the discord under #adventure-signup > Adventurer App ticket (or Alt Adventurer if an alternate character)

Note: Players who are creating ALT ADVENTURERS can now use DNDbeyond if your main character is on D&Dbeyond just make sure to use the SAME CAMPAIGN as your main account to not use up more slots.

Google Sheets

Guide to using google sheets for character creation

RPD&D: Making a 5e Character-Sheet


You can rework your character TWICE before you hit Level 9 and ONCE from Level 9 to 17. No, you can not change your race or gender (must get it pre-approved by Kyazi) and it must be re-approved in the #character-files channel using Begin A Rework on discord before it takes effect. This allows new players to test out and fix any character creation mistakes.

Want to make another character?