Find the history of this strange new plane called Aldspace. Filled with rifts, undiscovered continents and islands each holding their own secrets to discover and adventurers to be had. 

The Basic Lore of Aldspace

Aldsea or Aldspace, So named for the "Great Auld Sea", the world of Aldsea was always defined by its people by the water. The border of civilization was always decided by where the Auld ended and the ocean began, beyond which lie untold horrors. A world unlike any other, those who have been born within its gentle embrace and with a great beast tearing holes into the skies and with its eventual return comes people, objects, creatures, and even civilizations have been thrown into this realm through these rifts. many more now trapped here unable to escape. Even the greatest magic wielders have failed to pass from this great plane and explore the far reaches. Continuously teased with the chance to return home or discover something new. Thus they have accepted their fate and succumbed to time itself. 

Over many years since the beginning of Aldspace an influx of people allegedly from other worlds—called "Stolen Ones"—has plunged the mainland into chaos as people fight over land, food, and resources. More and more of the population has been forced out of the loving embrace of the Auld and into the perils of the frontier. Danger, glory and adventure await those with the strength to carve out a claim in these unforgiving lands. Which death is not uncommon to find when exploring the frontier corpses and skulls of all sizes litter the quiet forests. Did they die from time, nature, beast, or man. Most will never know. Aldspace is full of many wonders to discover and explore with aspects of many civilizations and traditions residing within this cage and influenced by those who are not. You have clearly been brought here through chance or birth. Only a rare few dared to venture beyond the mainland by choice. Where do you wish to go and do now?

Current Year: 473  (use /season in-game to see date)

Current Landmass: Nkankir

Current Cities: Sivon & Misstivild


Political area for NPC kingdoms

Where the campaign takes place.