Character Death

Rest in Peace

With any adventure there comes risks and those risks are death. When your character dies it is sad and if choose not to be revived or are unable to be revived we offer this compromise to not lose all your efforts through our 1/3rd exp perk. 

Characters die and its a hard time for everyone. You feel behind now that all your friends are higher level and now you are at the bottom again. On RPDND we want to help negate that by offering you an opportunity. Upon character death players will regain 1/3rd of their dead characters EXP to be applied to their new character or an existing stored adventurer.

Death Form

Character Name:
Current EXP:
DM: (DM who hosted event)
Status: Dead

Formula: Death EXP = ((XP - Starting EXP) /3 ) + Starting EXP

Important Information

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