Economy and how to make a living

The RPDND in-game economy is never going to be perfect but we do make tweaks to different aspects on occassion to make sure its always rotating money in and out so players can still make money and save it but also we can take steps to prevent excessively rich players.

Trade Packs

Have a large amount of useless items that you can't seem to sell to players? 

Well take it to the Tradepack Crafter Thora to have it made and then transport it to distance npcs for gold.

Businesses & Jobs

Start a business either as roleplay based and take donations, sell goods, or maybe find a job from the local noticeboard and get that paycheck!


Look around for NPCs who have quests for you to pick up. Most of the quests can be done easily and give a few coins for your efforts.


Join in on Dungeon Master Events and earn coin for your efforts as an Adventurer. Civilians can join some events but always be careful of dying! Play smart!

In-Game Basic Pricing Guide

All items listed below are in Gold unless otherwise stated.

Items not listed here are at the player's discretion for pricing. All prices are individual.

This is a BASELINE you can sell it for more or less if you want. This is just how server recipes are calculated.

Alchemy Supplies

1.04 | Lesser Healing Shroom

0.8 | Lightning Moss

0.8 | Frost Lichen

1.6 | Amanita Mushroom

1.6 | Rowan Berry

1.6 | Mandrake Root

1.6 | Wolfsbane

1.6 | Cat's Tongue

1.6 | Sourgrass

1.6 | Nightshade

2.7 | Moonstalker

2.7 | Ashblossom

2.7 | Gillyweed

2.7 | Singing Nettle

2.7 | Silverthorn

2.7 | Fairy Stool

4 | Hag Finger

4 | Mindflayer Stinkhorn

5 | Fish Scale

5| Large Seashell

Crafting Supplies

0.85 | Small Iron Nugget

15.3 | Box of Armor Studs

0.47 | Leather

0.85 | Little Molten Iron

3.4 | Some Molten Iron

13.5 | Much Molten Iron

9.4 | Leather Guard

1.88 | Tanned Leather Sheet

0.94 | Leather Strap

1.88 | Raw Hide

1.7 | Armor Stud

0.87 | Lored Wood

1 cp/Player's Choice | Wool

1p | Silver Nugget