Ownership Rules

Rules for building on different types of plots available in game and the rules you have to follow to access certain building types

General Housing Rules

Player housing comes in a variety of sizes: Small, Cave, Medium, large, & Manor housing.

Players are allowed to own one home (or live in 1 home with another person as your registered house) per character. You may have access to other players homes but can not be the primary owner. This is to make sure new players have access to housing. You can have two homes ONLY if you are moving between them and should not take more than a week to complete the move. Sell previous home when done. Make sure to unlock anything you leave behind: Doors, Chests, Etc.

Please read specific rules for: Nomadic Living, Homestead Plots, Commercial Plots, & Guild Halls on their respective pages.

General Shop Rules

Shops are either standalone buildings, stalls, or part of a larger building with several shop inside.