Jousting Rules

What is the Jousting Tournament?

The jousting tournament is an event that allows warriors of all types to saddle great steeds and run towards each other with lances attempting to unhorse the opponent. Going through the brackets and aim for the top spot and become the victor.

Tournament Rules & Rolls


Each player has three Hit Points. If you lose their third Hit Point, you are unhorsed and lose. A tie results in Sudden Death.

You have one action, which can be spent to buy an action buff:

Allowed Class Features/Feats:

Cavalier - Born to Saddle - Advantage on Unhorsing Roll

How to Play

1. Each contestant stands at the respective locations and faces each other on the back of a mount. This is where the action buff is picked.

2. Both emotes are posted simultaneously, declaring contestants will then ride to the middle of the field and do an attack roll (Str or Dex + Proficiency).

3. The high roll gets priority for getting resolved.

4. On a roll higher than the AC, the lance breaks and scores a point. 

5. The player attacked is then  forced to pass a DC 18 save or lose one of their Hit Points by being unhorsed. (if they were hit by Aim High the DC goes to 20)

If the  attacker is successful in lance break but is unhorsed themselves (they lose the point they gained for this round but still loses HP.) To keep point stay on horse.

6. The first one reduced to 0 Hit Points is unhorsed and loses the match.

7. Or The first one to score three points wins. Unhorsing trumps point victory. 

The announcer will handle raising the markers for the riders.

Red Trapdoor = HP Lost

Blue Trapdoor = Points Gained

Save Pass/Save Fail is related to Unhorsing.

Play by Play Examples

Phase 1: Action Player A: Aim High - (DC18 +2 - Save Increased by 2 = DC 20)

Player B: Motivate: Rolls their Animal Handle Check and succeeds.

Phase 2: Attack

Player A: rolls a 20.

Player B: rolls a 16.

Phase 3: Resolve

Player A is resolved first, due to a higher roll. They score a point for breaking.

Player B calls on his motivated horse, gaining advantage on the save against unhorsing.

Player B rolls a 19 and fails being unhorsed, losing one HP.

Player B is resolved. They score a point for breaking, but their attack glanced off the shield/armor.