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Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons Server

A 16+ international community that operates 24/7 as a collaborative storytelling experience. Utilizing Minecraft as a virtual tabletop for roleplay and 5e Dungeons & Dragons online.  Welcoming new or experienced roleplayers, D&D, and Tabletop enthusiasts to take part in our open world map. Packed with multiple downtime activities, DM ran event-lines, custom crafting, housing, an energetic community, and more.  Join us in our Minecraft dungeons and dragons server and find roleplay and community.

A simple leather pouch with gold coins drawing

Civilians are not adventurers but have some perks

Bard feathered hat and small harp drawing

Adventurers have full access to D&D perks

A bird like humanoid from Dungeons & Dragons 5e

40+ Races & Sub races available

Three pointed silver shield with a darker silver edge and a solid purple hexagon gemstone in the center.

Over a 100 sub classes to play

A simple drawing of a scroll

12+ Source books approved w/ some restrictions