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Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons Server

A 16+ international community that operates 24/7 as a collaborative storytelling experience. Utilizing Minecraft as a virtual tabletop for roleplay and 5e Dungeons & Dragons online.  Welcoming new or experienced roleplayers, D&D, and Tabletop enthusiasts to take part in our open world map. Packed with multiple downtime activities, DM ran event-lines, custom crafting, housing, an energetic community, and more.  Join us in our Minecraft dungeons and dragons server and find roleplay and community.

Beginner's Guide

New to RPDND? Check out this step by step guide for how to start on the server and set up any optional mods and resource packs to make sure you have an immersive time.

Session 0

Session 0, House Rules, Class House Rules, Roleplay & Event Etiquette, Campaign Settings, etc. Anything you would need to know about the server and how we operate.

Crafting & Resources

Learn how to gather resources on RPDND and then craft with those items to make gear and other interesting objects, cosmetics, mounts, even discover hidden recipes.

Crafting & Resources

News Snippets

Get the latest news on our discord server.

New Map Incoming

Be prepared for a new map but the same adventure?! The map is getting a much needed update and we want you to know that you won't lose your progress if you start now!


Civilian to Adventurer!

We now have a process for going from Civilian to Adventurer without losing your levels! It will require some awesome roleplay from you to be able to switch though.


New Association Quests

Associations got a new face lift and they are better than ever! No more leaving or joining required select your preferred quest week after week or try something new.


Vote Shop Updates

The Vote Shop got updated with the new content and pricing! Save up your vote points so you can have one of the new cool mounts


We invite you on this journey with us...

A Dungeons and Dragons Minecraft Server with 24/7 Roleplay

You went about your day completing the tasks you gave yourself then out of nowhere you black out.  Your body hits something solid; dazed you test that nothing is broken before focusing on your surroundings. With eyes shut you feel a swaying subtle yet relaxing. You hear the splashing of water in a calming rhythm. Splash... one two three... splash... one two three... splash. Your eyes open you see wood. Planks to be exact you also see water and a beach; standing up you dust yourself off and look around. Buildings rise above you, the rocking of ships knock to your left and right. As you move farther up the dock, glancing behind you only an ocean greets you. Your previous land-- your friends, colleagues, family and enemies  have all vanished. no where to be seen. You do not recognize this land and the feeling of magic still swirls around you; slowly dissipating. Welcome to a new world.

Every day and every hour the story changes and grows. RPDND hosts several Dungeon Masters, New and Experienced, along with a solid roleplay community. Find out what your characters would do if they were not in a dungeon or fighting bad guys. RPDND expands on the Dungeons and Dragons roleplay by adding the day to day tasks: Farming, Selling, Arguing at your neighbor who plays bardic music too loud, etc.

RPDND is a Dungeons and Dragons Minecraft server with 24/7 roleplay. Minecraft is one of the best places to host Dungeons & Dragons events. Each block in Minecraft is a square similar to a Roll20 or Dungeons & Dragons playing board. While Dungeons & Dragons have figurines and intricate setups to pull you into the scene at RPDND we build the scenes allowing you to explore the map non-stop and find new things every time. Step back from the board and come see your surroundings from the point of view of your character.