Misstivild is a coastal city that goes along the bay. It was built below the floating island of fey, Sivon on the continent of Nkankir. Mostly refugees from Aldsea City & Ruval's Camp Radiance. They use to reside in Sivon but moved to solid ground over time. The town is surrounded by plains, forests, and mountains and many have begun farming the nearby land.

Districts of Misstivild

The various neighborhoods within the town of Misstivild. Each one has different goals or buildings focused on improving roleplay.

Pebble Place

Town center between both the Vine Fields District and the Gold Steppe District this is where the government resides. Wrapping around the large Tree you will find paths to the Town Hall, Association Building, Officials Building, and up the hill behind the Association Building the Mayor's House.

Mad Cap Avenues

Encompassing the the main Dock area as well as the Bank, first spawn location, and the fun This, That and Other streets. Mad Cap Avenues is south of Pebble Place and along the coastline. Housing all the ships and dock storage.

Quiet Hills

South of Healing Hills Quiet Hills has grass and stone as far as the eye can see. Without any businesses in this area its a nice place to find a home and settle down. The main road also travels straight through it meaning you will not miss anything.

Blue Waves Bay

Continuing South  along the beach you will see a new dock structure being built with small shops inside. This area has several guild halls, dock shops, and other small shops scattered around it. Mostly flat and beachy a very nice place to relax.

Selarn Street

This district is a neighborhood of houses and the smallest district in Misstivild only having 3 real streets within the small zone. Surrounded by busier paths this district can seem cozier than most but probably not quieter.

Vine Fields

The newest district addition Vine Fields has a focus on the arts and brewing. With Vineyards stretching around the district, manors nestled along the hills, and a large mix of housing and shops to choose from all around a central town mural with a small tree.

Merchant Path

Wrapping from the north of Pebble Place all the way around Selarn Street to meet with Quarry Way to the south west. Merchant Path has a number of businesses large and small as well as a few tavern/cafes and the Arena.

Scholar Valley

The castle-like academy calls this district home as well as the Library. You can find many educational material both at the school and the library. If you are seeking information this is the place to be. 

Healing Hills

District focused on rejuvenation and healing. You can find the hospital and the bathhouse in this area and if you dare to go down the mountain towards scholar valley you may even find some hot springs. Just above Quiet Hills District you can find houses and the path to the Silver Flat district.

Gold Steppe

The second district focused on merchant goods. Gold Steppe its a bunch of businesses around each other with the Herbalism gardens decorating the edges of it. Home to some taverns, the postal services, and more its a worth while place to visit.

Star Peak

Not quite a district but more of a small flat area that houses the Observatory high above the town. Known as a wonderful place to have a wedding, balls, or other gatherings while also being fairly educational in nature.

Toiler's Trail

The Largest district by far Toiler's Trail stretches across many fields of fresh vegetables and wheat. The town Citadel as well as several guild halls reside within these borders. The Beast Ranch and Lumbermill are also here. Association workers can be found here on the docks.

Coral Lagoon

Are you an aquatic creature, a pirate, just love the water? Then Coral Lagoon has you covered with almost all the homes being built in the water either secured or floating dive into the water and enjoy yourself just as easily leaving by a simple ladder. 

Quarry Way

Quarry Way is mining focused and has more businesses than housing within its borders. If you need to access any sort of mining be it Iron Mining or Ology this is a great place to begin. Make sure you come prepared.

Thicket Cove

A large green forest along the coastline filled with houses and feels more like a neighborhood. Thicket Cove is spacious and shaded making it fairly cool in the summer as well as having easy access to the water making it a great place to live.

Silver Flat

Up on the hills overlooking Toiler's Trail is Silver Flat a manor district residing along the flat level of a mountain with only access being from Toiler's Trail or Healing Hills. Large homes can be found here but are very pricey  yet lots of space between each.

Street Names of Town Center

Use the street names to help you navigate around the large cluster of buildings that fill the central part of Misstivild's city.

Resource Areas of Misstivild