The Frontier

The Frontier

Also known as, The Wilderness, this is where danger lurks and discoveries can be made. Don't travel alone, always have potions, bring snacks, and be ready for a fight as anything can happen. The most peaceful trip may turn deadly.

Towns, Villages, & Cities

Check out the various towns, villages & cities within the Frontier. Some are player livable cities and others are DM/NPC only.

Homestead Plots

Homestead plots are special plots in the wilderness where players can live. They must still be near a town to be allowed and to prevent roleplay spread. Learn more

Nomadic Living

There are options for those who wish to live a nomadic lifestyle in characters. Please read the rules on the Nomadic Living Rules page for more inforamtion.

Rift Zones

There are rifts in the wilderness subtle portals that take you to odd places... you may even become trapped! But by completing the task you may also be rewarded. Find the escape portal to get a prize such as a pet, mount, or other goodies.