Session 0

RPDND is a 24/7 Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay Minecraft Server. Our session 0 will cover a few things you can expect when playing on this server and interacting with the various volunteers that keep this place running smoothly.


Because we are a 24/7 server with multiple DMs there is no set scheduling structure. We offer random encounters, planned encounters, and large scale events both RP based and Combat Based.

Random Encounters

will not be posted publicly as they happen on our server for our current online playerbase.

Planned Events

(Dungeons and Finale/Mid Arc Events, etc) will be posted at minimum 24 hours advanced notice. Normally around a week advanced notice is given if not longer.

Other Events

On RPDND we also host Out of Character/IC blended events such as Christmas or Easter events. These are events that happen 1 time per IRL year (but ICly it is once per 4 years). We attempt to make the event as IC as possible but know some OOC may slip in on occasion.

Events can be cancelled (or rescheduled) for many reasons: the DM who is hosting the event is sick/injured and no replacement DM is able to take over. Story is behind and the planned event would occur before the storyline makes sense. Loss of power/internet/server goes down. Community Meeting is happening (First Saturday Every Month)

Our server is primarily EST based but, we aim to have our events spread out among all timezones but recognize due to our volunteers timezones some zones may have a lower chance of getting content at their preferred time. We again try to select times that the most players can attend or if able a middle ground between all timezones. 

Required Items

There are only a few things you need at our 'table' on RPDND. Community Driven Attitude, obeying the server rules, your character sheet (approved by our DMs) and the urge to see the story continue.

Not Allowed: What we don't want to see is: Drama, Toxicity, Trying to intentionally cause the story to fail. (There are IC reasons then there are just OOC petty reasons to do this...)

Server Rating

Our server is 16+ years old but caters to an 18+ community. We do not allow ERP or overly graphic descriptions/details. You are allowed to request a Fade 2 Black. (meaning the DM will allow you to leave the room and come back to get a very brief overview of what happened)

Player vs Player

We have a ruleset for PVP and suggest you review it on our wiki.


Our world is one that allows multiple source books. Coming from either the world we play on or from another plane (even one you made up -- as long as its not modern earth) is allowed and encouraged. Technology shouldn't be stronger than Eberron and no guns.

Getting Involved

Getting involved in the story is easy, the fastest way is to roleplay with other players. Next is getting involved in a main story event (again talking to players may help this).

We have multiple tiers of play for the levels. Tier One: Level 1-5 Tier Two: Level 6-10 Tier Three: 11-16 Tier Four: 17-20

You are not restricted to your level range but may not go well for you if you are outleveled by the content.


Reflavouring is encouraged and welcomed. We only have a few requirements that you must meet. If you are reflavoring something it maintains its same stat block even if the appearance is different. Example: If you reflavored wild shape animals from a Bear to a Spider. The spider would only be able to use what was on that bear stat block. It does not gain any extra abilities from appearing as a spider. Same with weapons/armor/magic spells. IF my fireball comes out like fiery stars that is great but it still only does what the stat-block says in damage.

Named Characters

Your character cannot be directly related, closely affiliated with, nor personally or intimately involved with any named characters from any official sources. 


This world has magic and the level of technology we have is mixed. Just like with people this world can pull items from other worlds here too. While these rare discoveries have been found, used or remain undiscovered it does not mean the people of this world understand how to make these things themselves.

Example: An airship could be found but no one from this world would understand the technology to make it.

Not allowed: Guns/Modern Items


400 Exp is gained daily for 1 hour of roleplay. Meaning you no longer have to compete for exp and can gain exp for roleplaying. Are you a pacifist? Great, maybe you earned exp from studying. Are you an arena fighter? You gain exp from your small fights!

Player to Player Interactions

Race, Gender, etc. The source material we're playing with is full of stereotypes thanks to the lore. Some good, some bad. It is very possible that a character might face IC discrimination or distrust based on their origin or culture. This is in no way reflective of a DM's mindset. We do not tolerate racist or discriminatory behavior OOCly. IC is IC and OOC is OOC.

Starting Level & Multiple Characters

All characters on RPDND begin at Level 4 (even civilians). Everyone can also register 2 Minecraft Accounts allowing for Multiple Characters (1 per account). You can have 2 adventurers, 1 adventure & 1 civilian, or even 2 civilians.

When you log in for the first time you will be given 300gp and can use that money to buy your starter gear from either players (recommended) or from the admin shop with 150% markup.


Because we allow multiple accounts there is a specific rule about interacting between your main and alt accounts. This is not allowed and is considered muling. When you give your alt or main account an item from the other this is not allowed. You can not share homes, chests, guilds, etc with your other account(s).

House Rules

Our compiled list of House rules can be found on the directory: Here. If it is not there you can ask in Help Desk and the team will discuss or assume it follows Raw DND rulings or DM discretion.

Character Creation restrictions can be found on our website: under Getting Started.

DND Enjoyment

On RPDND, we try to focus on storytelling and enjoying the game we all love to it's fullest.

The DM team is very consciously avoiding a Player VS DM mindset and "beating" the party or an individual is never our goal. Please be respectful of the time and effort that goes into DM content and the time of our volunteers in general. Don't attempt to break the system - the only one you're damaging with it is yourself.

Always remember the actions you take icly can change the story good or bad but remember roleplay is about responding so consider your actions icly incase the response isn''t what you thought. Our npcs are not going to ignore slights or good will.

In-character Conflicts

If a character is going to have a bias against any peoples/races ICly, it needs to be clearly defined in the backstory of the character, which will be reviewed by the DM team upon application.

Players will be reminded that everything has to be in moderation. You can't create Ul'Gar the Elf Slayer. If a kobold hates gnomes, that's entirely justified. You just can't chase down every single gnome, it has to be understood that everyone is a person.

IC issues have to be taken case by case, everyone has a duty to look after themselves, as much as it is everyone's duty to look after others. If a player enters a situation that they know won't be to their taste (ie: ooc player conflict or ic player conflict), they should not enter it. If they enter a situation and they push it to develop in a way that's against their views, they are at fault and should not have pushed it in that direction. If they do not object to the situation, it's not entirely the other player's fault.

Players need to look after themselves. Players need to look after one another.

Aldsea City - A port city on an island with a large ship and lighthouse on the dock

A message...

Our volunteers have experienced a multitude of MCRP servers and communities. With years of experience we as a team strive to create a community that stands apart from other servers. Meaning we hold our players to a high standard as well. We do not tolerate toxicity, baiting, or other negative actions to cause a reaction for your entertainment. Any evidence of negative behaviors will be reviewed and a proper response given— either by talking, a warning, or removal for a month or permanent.

I, Kyazi, am tired of Drama OOCly on Minecraft servers and I am sure others are as well. If that is your goal I will remove you immediately. That is my promise. I can be kind and I can be helpful but if you come to ruin the peace Myself, my team, and the community has built here I wish you luck finding a place that will welcome you. That is my promise.

If you are here to add to the server and want to see this place flourish and grow then I welcome you and I can not wait to see you in-game.