Server Rules

Rule 0: Decisions

Gamemaster/Dungeon master outcomes are final. A GM/DM holds the right to modify or extend beyond any written rules. If you have an issue with the outcome of a situation, you can file a complaint to the relevant team (GM/DM) and the issue will be investigated for abuse on the GM/DM’s part.

Rule 0.1: Decisions cont.

Once you have received a GM/DM's decision on a certain issue, you may not bring the same issue to another individual GM/DM. If you do not agree with a GM/DM's ruling bring the issue to the appropriate team for discussion. 

Rule 0.5: Behavior

Do not be a d*ck. Refrain from being malicious/disruptive on our server/discord/forums. No Skin Elitism. Inappropriate behavior is to the discretion of the GMs. 

Rule 1: ERP

ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is a consenting 18+ activity between players and will not be allowed on the server. Anyone under 18 cannot partake in ERP-type roleplay regardless of consent or medium. We are a 16+ server, ERP has no place here.

Graphic Roleplay is to be kept at a tasteful degree.

Rule 1.1: Fade To Black

If someone feels uncomfortable from any type of roleplay due to graphic or personal feelings. The player should communicate that they feel uncomfortable with the RP to the other person.

Definition: Fade To Black (F2B or FtB) is a simple way to skip over graphic or uncomfortable roleplay without breaking character.

This is not a valid way to get around the ERP or Age Rule as a minor.

Rule 1.2: Age Rule

Players under 18 are not allowed to take part in an in-character romantic relationship with any age. Likewise players over 18 are not allowed to be in an in-character romantic relationship with anyone under 18 years old.

This includes NPC relationships with PCs.

Romantic Relationships are defined as non-platonic affections with the intention of becoming intimate or exclusive to each other.

Hugging, Hand-holding, & kissing the hand or cheek in a PLATONIC way is allowed in Roleplay for all ages. Tasteful flirtatious behavior is allowed in public settings only not private settings.

It is GM discretion for what is or isn't platonic/flirtatious behavior in reports/roleplay.

You can learn more about how to spot predatory behaviors here. (link coming soon) If you feel that a situation breaks this rule please report it to a GM via tickets asap following our evidence rules.

"If you have doubt don't do it. Trust your gut. Your OOC character is more important than having an IC relationship with someone you don't know."

Rule 2: Griefing

No Griefing. Intentionally griefing the server-- i.e. destroying structures, making a mess with blocks, spilling water everywhere without RP justifications, or prior permission-- is considered griefing and will result in a ban. Stealing items out of player homes & territories is considered griefing. Deliberately sabotaging the story for personal enjoyment is also considered griefing. 

Rule 3: Immersion

Please maintain immersion as best you can, as often as you can. Your character is to be considered IC unless otherwise explicitly mentioned. Please refer to the following page for more information on what is considered immersion breaking: Roleplay Expectations

To maintain immersion, a player must have an appropriate skin that reflects their character. A player without an appropriate skin must not be involved in any RP, or be around RP situations, until a skin is applied.

Keep all names and emotes roleplay appropriate.

Passive RP actions that are done by your character-- i.e. cooking something on the campfire, marking a wall with graffiti, slipping a note under a door-- which occur outside of the immediate vicinity of your player must be stated clearly with a placed “[RP]” sign. 

Rule 4: Metagaming

No metagaming. Your character’s knowledge should not directly reflect your OOC knowledge. Applying OOC knowledge that your character should not know ICly is considered metagaming. Applying an OOC grudge to another player’s character through your character ICly is considered metagaming as well. Please refrain from posting IC knowledge in OOC chat that is not widely made known. 

Rule 5: Powergaming

Powergaming is not allowed. Powergaming can be defined by forcing an action upon a player without giving them a chance to contest it reasonably. Results of IC conflicts between players should be agreed upon between involved parties, and should be in-line with a character’s abilities. Please refer to the Rules as Written for 5e and your character sheet to determine what is or is not possible. 

Rule 6: Hacks

Hacks/mods/exploits/X-Ray are not allowed. The only accepted mods at the moment are: More Player Models, Journey Map, Xaero's Map, Rei’s Mini-Map, Optifine, Tabby chat, or small quality of life mods that do not give you access to commands/abilities you wouldn't have or advantage over other characters/players.

Rule 7: Exploits

If you discover a bug, or a shortcoming of the rules, i.e. loopholes, plugin exploits, etc. It is your responsibility to not abuse them and to report them to a Game Master. If you are found to have been abusing said exploits or loopholes, you are subject to have all of the relevant items removed, and be potentially banned or warned. 

Rule 8: OOC/IC

Please keep OOC out of IC chat. Familiarize yourself with our chat plugin with “/chat” if you are confused.

IC drama should stay IC drama bringing it out of character is not acceptable. OOC drama should not become IC drama.

Keep OOC memes/jokes to a tasteful degree when in-character.

Rule 9: Building

Building is prohibited unless they are slight modifications to your character’s home or business. If you wish to erect a new building, please contact our build team and get it approved. The construction of buildings are handled ICly, and volunteers on the build team have methods of ICly constructing buildings. 

Rule 10: Account Limits

Players are allowed two accounts on the server. Per player, you are allowed one home, one shop, and either two adventurers, two civilians, or one adventurer & one civilian.

A player is allowed to store one adventurer character at a time, have one adventurer active, and have a civilian active. If you wish to store an adventurer character while another is in storage, one must be deleted. 

Rule 11: Advertising

Advertising other servers/discords is not allowed on our platforms: Discord/In-Game/Forum. Remember, if you have concerns or issues with the server, reach out and communicate with a staff member. If you have suggestions please use the appropriate channels.

Advertising your Art Commissions to players via private messaging is not allowed we have an art commissions channel if you wish to promote your art shop. DMing players without them reaching out will get you banned or warned depending.

Rule 12: Disruptive

Do not be disruptive in the Voice Chat on discord. This includes soundboards, disruptive use of the music bot, mic spamming, yelling into your mic, and derailing the topic of conversation repeatedly and maliciously. 

Rule 13: PVP

PvP based murder is an opt-in feature. Characters cannot murder other characters out of the blue unless agreed upon by the respective parties. More information on the Murder Opt-In can be found here: PVP Conflict 

Rule 14: Theft

Theft is not allowed on the server between characters unless agreed upon between the two respective parties.  In addition player homes are not allowed to be stolen from without permission from the player who owns the home. Chests or tools left on the property fall under "no theft rule".

Chests left in public spaces unlocked can be taken from without issue. If it is event related please be respectful with removing items in excess.

Rule 15: Appropriate Chat

OOC Chat must be kept appropriate for all ages. Real-World racial slurs are not tolerated. IC-RP Racial slurs are permitted i.e. “Knife Ears.” 

Any in-character racism has to be announced in your character's background upon applying for either civilian OR adventurer. If it is not included you can't be a racist d*ck.

Rule 16: Primary Language

English is the primary language used on RPDND and should be used in our discords, voice chats, and in-game.

Rule 17: Inventories

Player Inventories do not drop upon death. Please do not abuse this as a form of fast-travel. Players have access to virtual enderchests for their important roleplay items only.

Note: that if you wish to save your inventories incase of errors you need to die in Minecraft to save it.

Rule 18: Underaged Characters

Children Citizens (Players & Player NPC Children) can not be murdered or tortured by another player, but they can be kidnapped. 

For obvious reasons children characters can not be in romantic relationships. Children characters are characters who are not their races mature age yet as listed in the Race Ages.

Rule 19: Drugs & Other

Recreational Drug Roleplay is prohibited. Tobacco and Alcohol is permitted. 

No Human Trafficking in-character or out of character. Reference the PVP rules for all limitations.

Rule 20: Account Swapping

Creating alternate discord, minecraft, or characters to avoid reprimand for any rule  breaks or ic consequences is not allowed. New accounts are fine if you are currently not under investigation (ooc or ic) and you communicate that it is a new account and updated your #🧚-alt-accounts section with a new entry. Also submit a GM ticket if you change mc accounts so the appropriate tasks can be completed (chests, regions, notes, etc)

Dual Logging is not allowed. Interacting with your own characters/accounts is not allowed.

Rule 21: AI Generated Content

Our approach on RPDND is to educate not shame. Please review the #art-education channel on discord

Rule 22: Private Data

GMs reserve the right to delete any posts within our server that falls under the below list and encourage our community members not to share this date publicly or privately: