Roleplay Etiquette

These are guidelines to create a good environment on the server a lot is situational and helps playrs get a baseline of good manners and etiquette for roleplay.

Stay In Character

 Always remain in character while in a roleplay setting. Avoid discussing real-world topics or breaking character immersion. 

Respect Roleplay Lore

Familiarize yourself with the server's lore and adhere to it. Consistency is key to a believable world.

No Metagaming

Do not use out-of-character (OOC) information to your advantage in-character (IC). What your character knows should not be influenced by what you, the player, know.

Don't Bait Information

Don't do a crime (or something else) and then tell everyone under the sun that you did it. This is considered baiting other players by telling them informaiton oocly so when they discover stuff ICly you can say they didn't know that information and that they were metagaming.

No Trolling or Griefing

Do not disrupt roleplay scenarios or build structures that would negatively impact other players' experiences. Jumping and running around a group of players while they are trying to roleplay is looked down upon and may even get you in trouble.

Listen and Respond

Pay attention to what other players are saying and respond to their roleplay actions appropriately. Don't afk without communicating or leaving people waiting as well.

Use the Correct Channels

Keep in-character discussions within local chat. Use global or OOC chat for out-of-character conversations.

Lacking & Descriptive Emotes

Descriptive emotes can be great to read but also keeps a roleplay moving slow. Try to balance descriptive emotes with quicker emotes to make the roleplay flow. But only writing one word responses or not providing anything to work with breaks the flow as well.

Roleplay Introductions

When entering a roleplay scene, introduce your character and their presence before engaging in actions or conversations.

Character Conflict

If a conflict arises between characters, attempt to resolve it through roleplay, mediation, or discussion with the involved players.

OOC and IC Separation

Clearly distinguish between out-of-character (OOC) and in-character (IC) conversations and actions. Use brackets or labels if necessary.

Avoid Powergaming

Don't force your character's actions or abilities onto others without their consent. Roleplay should be collaborative, not competitive. We do not use Honor RP here and use our D&D rolling system.


Always obtain consent from other players before involving them in major storylines, conflicts, or interactions that might significantly affect their characters.

Do not assume just because you are friends that everyone is okay with a topic or a direction the roleplay is taking. Read the room. Not everyone is comfortable to call out players doing things they are uncomfortable with.

In addition do not be afraid to tell someone you are uncomfortable or get in contact with a GM (moderator). And do not feel you need to continue roleplaying if you are uncomfortable end the RP with "I need to head out" or with an OOC msg "Gotta leave" something like that to at least end the conversation without just logging off.

Walking Away

Do not just walk away from roleplay without communicating somehow. Esp if you are doing something that affects the character that is asking you questions. Do not use a spell on them and then give them no information or answer their questions.

Be Patient

Roleplay can be slow-paced at times. Be patient and allow others to respond to your actions and messages. If you have to leave communicate it with the player or if you want to see if they are still there maybe reach out on discord.

Contribute to the Story

Be an active participant in the server's overarching narrative. Engage in events and contribute to the roleplay world's development. Don't hide in your home or in the mines to avoid joining the story. We are a roleplay server take part in the story and meet fellow characters.

Personality & Character

Maintain a clear personality for your character throughout roleplay interactions, unless there's a valid in-character reason for a change. Keep your character's appearance, behavior, and actions with the server's theme and setting and your own character backstory.


Be welcoming and inclusive to all players, regardless of their level of experience or skill in roleplaying. If you have an issue with a specific race make sure its on your character backstory BEFORE getting into roleplay.

Embrace Failures & Character Growth

Understand that in roleplay, not every action will be successful. Embrace the potential for failure; it adds depth to the story. Allow your character to grow and change over time. Embrace character development and character arcs.

Consistent Personality

Maintain a consistent personality for your character throughout roleplay interactions, unless there's a valid in-character reason for a change.