A message reporting & investigating

I do not condone blackmail, guilt-tripping, shaming, or attacking anyone on the server and esp not the people taking the time to make sure we treat everyone fairly through the  process to come to a decision. I hope everyone can respect that its not easy to have to disconnect from your friends and community to approach a situation with a clear mind and make a decision which wont make everyone happy.

This server will be ran to the best if my ability. Please do not hold grudges for people doing their jobs.


Firstly how to submit a Report. Go to ❓-tickets  and find the Game Master or GM button. This is where all reports should be directed, not to DMs, if the person you are reporting is part of the GM team you may DM me, Kyazi, directly, reports submitted via private messages will not be considered and will be redirect to the GM ticket. 

There are times we as a GM team or selected group (to avoid any potential bias) will inform you that the report does not have a rule break and should be handled personally. Since we are an adult server any deemed minor bickering should be handled between the two parties and come to a peaceful resolution. We will offer mediation if you need someone to listen.

There will also be times where you may submit a report and it could take from two days to a week (irl depending) to come to a conclusion. This is due to our process. We do not wish to ban due to bias or emotion and have seen in the past how those approaches are not the best.

Server health is very important to me and I believe that starts with a foundation of processes to hold us accountable and with no regrets when a final call is made.


We begin with the report the initial report is very important the more details provided the quicker we can come to a decision. There is also good and bad evidence: good evidence includes time stamps, full conversations before and after the reported statement, including the full discord window is even better. Also, it includes all the names in the conversation uncovered and include a list of names of either witnesses or people who have had an interaction with the accused. These names should not be people who you told the story too but have had actual past incidents or interactions.

Once we get the initial side we determine who can be part of the investigation. If someone has a bias they are not allowed to join the discussion as a reviewer or see the reviewers chat where evidence is compiled and looked over. 

Now we move onto reaching out to different people or servers. We build a timeline and see where everything falls. We also talk to the accused person and get their side and any evidence they may have to provide.

Once we reach a satisfied collection of evidence and statements to build a timeline we review the documents and make a final decision. These decisions are not always easy and sometimes they are. But for multiple days the reviewers are digging deeper into the past actions or current actions of the accused to find a resolution.

please respect the process. 

A message for suggestions & reviews

RPDND is a community server from the beginning we have had community involvement as much as we can. Either through new ideas, community votes, or suggestions for adjustments to rules and systems.

As we remain open and continue to grow systems and procedures change. But I dont want to lose the insight of the players who have come to call this place their home. To make sure were getting well thought out suggestions and new ideas I wanted to write down how I wish to handle suggestions. Its similar to how we handled it in the beginning. With players being able to vote on new systems at the community meeting or have long discussions about the pros and cons of the ideas. Also allow myself and others on the volunteer team to see if the idea could work, is balanced, and do we need a developer or manual labor to execute it.

Now for the actual information you need!


Thank you for taking the time to submit a new idea or suggestion! You can find the 💡-suggestions channel here.

All suggestions relevant to RPDND are welcomed. If you have any player to player issues please use the GM ticket in ❓-tickets or if you have any DM issues please use a DM Ticket. 

Submitting a new suggestion
Please provide any relevant information in a google document. Such as:

Not all suggestions will be able to provide the above information but the clearer you are in the idea the more we as a community will be able to understand.


At every community meeting we will have reviewed the previous months submitted suggestions and put it to a vote of interest in the meeting or we will have a discussion about why it can or can not work.

We will also discuss pros cons etc of the idea and maybe even come to a compromise of how it could work.

Note not all ideas will work at the start and thats okay also be open to your idea changing to better fit rpdnd if it is accepted.

Once we have the Vote of Interest from the community. The vote will remain up for at minimum 48 hours (unless its a landslide vote) then the volunteers will begin digesting the idea fully to see if its possible or if any parts of it could be added successfully.

We would have had some discussion before the meeting so we can explain if an idea may not work or request its reworked due to some kind of limitation.

If the idea can be successfully implemented and the community shows interest we will work on next steps of adding it to the server.