Player vs Conflict

Subject to Modification As Needed

Conflict should only ever be used to enhance roleplay for both parties. It should never be used in a hostile manner for OOC revenge or petty drama. We are a server for story telling and conflict if used correctly can bring about character development as well as story development. Below are the approved actions you can talk with another player on the server as well as a list of banned content. 

Player on Player conflicts are roleplay actions taken against another player with the intention of antagonizing them. Players taking part in these scenarios will have a few rules to follow to make sure everyone gets the best interactions out of the roleplay experience. Player vs Player is utilizing DnD mechanics to duel, kidnap, maim, etc. Below are the outcome options and their rules for PvP interactions. 

Roleplay Conflict

Low Level Conflict Between Players
Causes No Perm Damage

Consent Only Conflict

High Level Conflict - Please communicate with the other player. Remember IC Actions do/can have IC consequences even if you OOCly agree on these actions.

Banned Conflict

Extreme Level Conflict - If you commit these types of conflicts on the server you will be given a warning or banned based on the severity. If you enjoy this kind of content this server is not for you.

Player vs Player Consensual Roleplay

Below are guidelines for roleplay interactions between two non-consenting players. If both players agree to an outcome [ie: Duel to the Death] then that is allowed. But if one player disagrees below guidelines for your situation must be followed. [ie: One player refuses maiming. Meaning you now can only do the approved maiming on the guidelines]

Roleplay actions have Roleplay consequences. Be mindful of this when consenting to certain roleplay.

Examples of Scenarios:

Duel to Death Example: Two players consent to a duel to the death inside of a tavern. Player A kills Player B with a broken beer bottle. Player A is now a wanted criminal and could be jailed for killing another person in public in the middle of town.

Player vs Player Restrictions:

Citizens {Players & Player NPC Children} under 16 years old {ie: babies/kids} can not be murdered or maimed by another player. But they can be kidnapped. Exceptions to this rule are DM run events where DMs may utilize citizen or npc characters for story progression.

RP Conflict Vs Normal RP

Consent Only unlocks after 3 Normal RP Conflict Interactions with the players involved. Screenshots must be stored and when you want to take part in consent only RP. Both players must agree and screenshots of agreement and previous interactions submitted to a GM.

Level 4 players can only have Normal RP Conflict interactions. At level 5 players are able to opt-in to consent only RP following the above requirements.