Event Etiquette

Basic Event Information

 Events are a collection of players gathering under a single or multiple Dungeon Masters to take part in a story created by the Dungeon Master. Characters who are involved in the event shape the direction the event goes. Remember to play smart, but have fun and respect your dungeon master and party. Event etiquette is very important to have a fun time in an event. 

Who Runs Events

Dungeon Masters are volunteers who control the lore, story arcs, and create interesting random and planned encounters and dungeons. They are the main source for loot but not the only source. We also have a team of players called Player DMs or PDMs who can run encounters for fun this role is the first step to joining the DM team officially.

How to be Involved

Events can happen on a random or planned occurrence. By roleplaying on the server you have a higher chance of being involved in events. Sometimes DMs will recruit specific levels through Discord for a planned event later that day or week. The goal is roleplay so by being involved in the story is a good place to start. 

Event Etiquette

The following is included as rules for the server. We are doing something that D&D was not intended to be used for. We are an ongoing live world that is operating under a team of DMs, a player group size of more than 3-6 standard players that D&D was written for, and the game is played 24/7. We are not a MMORPG, We do not grind in-between events. We role-play. 

Events - Tiers of Play

Joining events in RPDND is easy but we do have some set "Tiers of Play" this helps you know what you are signing up for when you take on adventurer's guild eventlines.

Event Begging

DMs are constantly working in order to ensure fair event counts for all players, regardless of levels. Please refrain from asking for an event constantly-- we have a system in place to watch event handouts. Multiple instances of event begging or complaining could end with a warning by a Moderator.

Meta Attendance

Refrain from privately messaging your friends should you find yourself in an event. If you are in the middle of nowhere and suddenly people turn up to join in the event, measures may be taken against not only you but the players that show up. This is a living breathing world, you don't need to be in every event. This includes using VC in discord to have people "happen" to walk by to take part. 

Loot Expectations

As stated above, not all events give out the same exp- the same can be said for loot. Some events may give out a meager amount of coin and mundane items, and sometimes they may give nothing at all. It is expected that when you come into an event, you will not be waiting to get a pile of gold at the end- you’re here for the story, not to make a collection or horde of shiny stuff on day one. There are times that even rare items get rewarded. If everyone got the same item, there would be no need for a label of common, uncommon, rare. If you have any disagreements or Loot issues then please contact the DM who ran the event, Department Head, or an Admin. 

Know Your Action

New players are the exception to this, as are difficult situations, however, it is expected that those who have played for a while will know what they are going to do on their turn to act. Players should be constantly deciding how they should act PRIOR to it being their turn. It does help move combat along, especially in large groups. 


The DM worked hard to find an appropriate encounter for you. Please do not ruin it by googling its stats, especially further if you plan to tell the others at the encounter. 

OOC Chatter In-game

Please refrain from constant spam of OOC chatter that has nothing to do with an event. Especially in large groups. It clogs up the actual RP emotes and rolls. 

Event Sitting

Sometimes, an event is happening and you have nothing else to do. You think, why not just join the event channel and listen. DO NOT DO THIS. Some events have information that you or others you know should never be a part of. If you really feel like you want to listen, message the DM in the room and ask if it is alright. They will check with the players and give you a yay or nay. If you do join, always mute your mic. 

Types of Events

On the server, various kinds of events take place daily. Each DM has their own expectation of what these entail. Do not always expect a DM to do a hack and slash event. They may be random encounters, pre-planned encounters, puzzles, RP-Strict, combat, or so many other options. Go into an event with the expectation to do your best, no matter the situation, and you won't leave disappointed. Also remember, sometimes...it takes more than the first event to lay out all the RP groundwork before the true event really starts. 

DM Preference

If you have things to request or ask from a DM, such as personal event development or character details, unless absolutely necessary, don’t keep going back to the same DM for all your needs. It can make them feel stressed out and overloaded with work-- they may have other things prepared in the background that you could be unaware of. It also goes without saying, do not go to DMs to have them pick up the event. Also, refrain from using avenues to create favoritism. Doing things like openly bashing a DM event because they didn't give loot, saying how you won't take part in their events. And instead will focus on getting on X DMs events cause they always give items. This is just one example. It is ok to not like how something went down . The Dungeon Masters are not at the beck and call of the playerbase and they are people to. Please be respectful.

Creative Solutions

Creative player solutions are at the discretion of the DM of your event and does not extend to other DMs events if accepted.

EXP Meta

EXP is given daily (400 exp) and the only other things that could potentially give you exp are: Dungeons, Mid Arcs and Finales. 

Rule Lawyering

DMs screw up sometimes, plain and simple. Other times, they are doing something behind the scenes you may not understand. DMs always reserves the right to change up rules or cause the mechanics of something to be different for their event. Players can always ask the DM if they meant to do X once. However, if a player continues to argue over it, they may be removed from the event at the DMs discretion With RPDND comes a variety of experience, knowledge, and expectations of the community and DM team. The DM team has a variety of tools offered to them to help create a unique RPDND Experience. With that, we also have the internet at all of our fingertips. So we expect that people would do a little googling to gain an edge in the event. Because of that, the DM team members are granted permission to pull from various other sources, change up creatures, etc to help create their story. 


You gotta have them or this whole thing falls apart. Below is a list of common courtesy while at an event. While breaking one may be an accident, constant repeats may end with a player removed from an event. 


If it is not your turn, do not tell another player what to do. If they are new, a little help is ok. However, telling a player they must do this on their turn or strategizing with them is not. Use your turn to relay information to your team. Use your turn to do what you think is best in the situation. Various players have various motivations, wants, and goals. Furthermore, being angry oocly should a character not do what you asked is never ok. 

Read The Room

it is a serious event, please do not attempt to interrupt oocly and break the mood. DMs work hard to ensure a level of tension in some encounters. Discord = Please do not talk over the DM first and foremost. If it is your turn, please speak uninterrupted, equally if it is not your turn, allow the other player the same respect. 


 Yes, you know this one already, but it needs to be restated. Sometimes you won't always have that free spell slot or that item you need on you. Don't pretend like you have it, and fix the situation later. There are actions and consequences. It's one thing to mistake having that healing potion you need, and quite another to say you have it when you know you actually left it at home. Again, living, breathing world. Come prepared. 

Loot Hoarding

This is the act of taking more loot than needed for yourself or taking loot to give to someone who did not attend the event. Always make sure the party who attended the event is compensated and loot is spread out evenly (or as evenly as possible) unless they state otherwise. Silence is not an agreement.