Mounts Licenses

Mount Licenses are strictly to create a unique mount that can be used in combat and is represented with wool or using a cosmetic mount in events. These mounts can die if they are in an event.

Licensed Combat Mounts

These mounts are custom designed and require a Mount License to be turned in to a DM to be created. They do not get any physical representation but they are allowed within events and normally represented as Wool Blocks.

Mount License Guide

Obtaining a License

Currently licenses are only obtainable through Merchants/Events (both IC and OOC)

Licenses could be obtained from:
Holiday OOC Events
IC DM Events
Merchant Events

Trait Selection

When you receive your mount license you'll be able to pick and choose between different traits across the [number] slots available. At the same time you'll pick the aesthetic appearance of your mount.

Once you've decided upon the traits of the mount, create a DM ticket and one of the DM team will customize the license to show the customizations you've picked.

Note: You can use the Pet System to represent this mount or a close resemblance. Also note that Mount licenses mean this is usable in events.

Anatomy of a License

Here's an example of a blank license token, ready to be customised.

Type of Mount

When creating your mount you have two choices, a flying or ground mount. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, working better in different situations, Their stats are decided upon picking the type, based on an average that's going to best serve the owners of the mounts without coming with some of the large drawbacks some mounts have.

Ground Mounts

Here’s an example of a ground mount token, it’s HP, Speed, AC and stats all as shown to the side. If you choose to use barding for your mount you’ll have to track it yourself, the token will only provide you with the base values. Health will also be required to be tracked by players in events in the unfortunate circumstances their mount comes under attack. 

Flying Mounts

Flying mounts vary from the ground mounts in what should hopefully be an obvious way; their flight speed. They have the capacity to take off and carry a character from point A to B. Most flying creatures are lighter built to allow for flight, meaning they’re on average more dexterous. But their flying frame leaves them slower on the ground. 


The mount token is built to be as open as possible, allowing for you to fully customize your own mount within the realms of reason. While their mechanics are limited by this document, you’re free* to do as you please. Want to ride a griffon into battle? You can do that! A flying ant? Gotcha bud!

*All flavour will be reviewed to ensure it’s not immersion or lore/game breaking.