Guild Information

Guilds [Partly Outdated | WIP]

Guilds are a central  part of the server and community as they allow players new and old to gather together under one banner, complete tasks, earn gold through weekly quests, and bring fresh new magic items onto the server.

Joining a guild will allow you to support that guild and earn weekly gold for yourself. Check out which of our active guilds are available and who to contact to join.

Guild Rules

Guild Registration

Guilds can be part of multiple associations but you are required to meet the player requirements. Only the members of those associations will be able to access those specific areas not the guild as a whole. Each association you attempt to register your guild with MUST have three active members per each association. 

In total guilds need 5 members minimum to register as a guild. You also need at least 3 members in any additional association category you wish to join. 

Ex: 5 members three who are in mercenary two who are in scholar. Guild is only mercenary recognized until a third person joins scholar.

Guilds who are registered are allowed to request a channel be made on the discord under Player Groups & Guilds. These will be private groups unless otherwise requested.

Guild Registration Form

Guilds must register through the discord under Association Register by making a new forum post and selecting the appropriate tags along with this form.


Vice Leader:


Members: (ign, character name, and discord)

Guild Name:

Crest: (if you have one)



Tag your members discord name 

Keep your member list updated.