Non-DM NPC Quests

These are great for filling your time and also getting some goodies that you can use in your day to day roleplay and crafting. Be sure to pay close attention to the quests requirements so you dont forget an item or a part you have to do!

A good starting questline would be in the farms from Ron Grit. Or take part in the Guild Quest once your more in roleplay and can get the materials you need more easily. This quest is good for getting some more starter gold for a house or gear.

Hide the Hud by doing /quest scoreboard

Association Quests

These quests are restricted to specific associations and you must be a member of that association to take part in the quest. These quests are done on a weekly basis and give you rewards of: Gold, Magic Item Notes, and Association Notes.

Normal Quests

These quests areĀ  hidden around the world and can be completed either daily, weekly, or otherwise. These could be tradepack quests, crafting quests, delivery quests, interaction quests, etc.