Among Us character painted on an in-game art plugin

Art Plugin

Our art plugin was added so players of more artistic enjoyments could create beautiful art to sell, create interested and intricate pieces to be used to enhance roleplay and much much more. The plugin is very easy to use and only has a few requirements:

Where can I buy an easel and canvas? Admin Shop -> Tune Turners Shop

Place down the easel and add the canvas to the item frame provided. Right click and once sitting open your inventory. Drag and drop each dye or tool you wish to use to your hotbar. You can dismount the easel at any time doing left shift. Don't worry your progress is saved. Once you decide you are done with a painting do /artmap save

Art Tools

Left to Right

Tint, Shade, Rotate, Fill, Eyedropper, Save, Next Button

Art Colors

A variety of colors to choose from such as: Coffee, Burnt Orange, Apple Red, Leaf-Green and more...