Create your own items...

Loretexting is now available to our playerbase! There are some changes from the old way of doing this. Such as: Its Free Now. You also do not have to have a token to loretext. 

/itemname <name>

/itemname Great Potato

Itemname will default to White as the itemname and should be kept to a readable length for items. Formating is important for readability.

/itemlore # <lore>

Examples of how to use itemlore command:

/itemlore <example> - No # will stack them after the other

If you want to change a line or control spacing use #s for specific lines.

/itemlore 1 This is a brown potato

/itemlore 2 it is good for cooking.

Item Codes

If you are renaming an item that uses a "Code" then you may lose that cool 3D model if you don't have the exact code # that you need. I will showcase a few of the codes here but not all codes will be available double check before renaming! <3

Some weapons have alternative skins which are <Code><letter> for example W1A <-- Weapon 1(Skin Order) A (Alternate Skin)

Public Code Names