Guilds & Groups

Go with allies...

The guild and groups plugin is a very simple, lightweight plugin focused on keeping organized the many people on the server and which group they are part of. These could be secret organizations ran by players it could be elaborate guilds who fight evil. Because its such a lightweight plugin there is no group chat.

This plugin offers: members lists, up to 10 news posts, and a description. Allowing the creator of the guild/group to inform and stay up to date on active members and know if they meet the requirements for certain future activities.

Commands List:

/group create <name> - to make your group

/group news <msg> - to add news (up to 10)

/group description <msg> - to add a group description

/group accept/decline - to join or reject an invite

/group invite <player> - invite to group

/group list - to view members

/group disband - to disband your group (ignore the autofill you dont need ur groups name to disband)

/guild and /group are interchangeable