GPS Navigation

Go around town easily

Navigating towns can be tricky all the alleyways, streetsigns, districts can be confusing! Well we are attempting to fix that with this GPS navigation plugin! Very easy to use and it will have you around town in no time!

With anything it does take polishing so paths may be adjusted for better experiences as a player so please be patient as its made better each time.

To use the GPS plugin here are the commands you need:

/gps list # - Shows you every trackable point you want to find this includes important locations like: The Tavern, Mayor's House, Association Building, etc. But it also includes player homes and shops as well. We use the rent plugin as our addresses so "mist-home-25" is the address for player homes and shops.

/gps start <location> - Either use a location name like Tavern or an address if its a player home/shop like mist-home-25 to navigate towards it.

/gps stop - stops the navigation process.

/gps move - Adjusts the arrows placement above you. Mouse Wheel moves it back and forth and Shift + Mouse Wheel moves it up or down.

/gps show - shows a particle path to your destination following the points pre-made.