Chest Shop

Buy & Sell goods easily...

Chest shops are a great for selling or buying goods no matter if the person is online or offline. There are different types of chestshops such as Player Shops & Admin Shops.

Player Shops the money goes directly to the player's vault or inventory with each purchase and if items are being sold to the shop the money automatically comes out of your inventory/vault.

Admin Shops do not have quantity requirements and spawns in the items for purchase. The money vanishes into the void upon purchase/sell.

Line one is left blank

Line two is Q = Quantity to buy or sell and C = how many of the items currently is inside the shop.

Line three is for Buying or Selling if you want to B and S on the same line just do: B# S#

Line four is a question mark

Shops will may NOT auto-update based on the items you place inside the chest. You need to right-click the sign with the item in your hand every time you want to make a shop. (You gotta break the sign and redo it to change the item)

Chestshops always use Copper for any prices.
1c = 1c  |  10 c = 1sp  |  100c = 1g  |  1000cp = 1p

Prep A Sign