Cooking: Brewing & Drinks

Learn more about crafting layouts for crafting bench, furnances, anvils, etc on the crafting guide page. The recipes below cover processing, sweets, drinks, baking, and meals.

Exotic Flowers


A - Carrot or Potato


Potted Plant

A - Fertilizer

B - Dirt

C - Flower Pot

Crafting Table

Mystery Plant (Stage 1)

A - Plant Pot

B - Mystery Seeds

C - Water Bucket

Crafting Table

Stage 2 - 4

A - Potted Mystery Plant

B - Water Bucket

Crafting Table

Grown Mystery Plant

Open the grown mystery plant to acquire 1 of 20 exotic plants. These plants are the main ingredient in brewing new brews and wines. 


Using exotic plants and other ingredients brew the new alcohol in a brewing stand for best results. Brews on the server are interesting they are not hard to make persay but they are not all publicly available. So some discovery is needed! New recipes are added every once in awhile as well so you may discover the next best drink!

Also most brews are 1-2 crafting stages. ^.~

All wine/brew bases make a quantity of 2 Bases & each base makes 2 drinks. (Total of 4 drinks possible)

Not all Wines & Brews will follow the same pattern below to make Wine & Brew. The Bases will always be required in any of the brews or wines. Spend some time and make some discoveries :)

Wine Base

A - Yeast

B - Water Bucket

C - Sugar

D - Grapes

Crafting Table

Brew Base

A - Yeast

B - Water Bucket

C - Wheat

D - Sugar

Crafting Table

Rose Wine

A - Wine Base

B - Rose Bush

Crafting Table

Missing Land Brew

A - Brew Base

B - Spruce Leaves

Crafting Table


Simple drinks that you can make for meals or a relaxing moment.

Black Tea Leaves

A - Spruce Leaves

B - Dark Oak Leaves


Green Tea Leaves

A - Oak Leaves

B - Jungle Leaves


Green or Black Tea

A - Green or Black Tea Leaves

Hold Water Bucket in Hand

Crafting Bench

Strawberry Milk or Chocolate Milk

A - Strawberry or Chocolate Sauce

B - Milk Bucket

Crafting Bench

Rose Tea Leaves

A - Birch Leaves

B - Acacia Leaves


Rose Tea

A - Petal Tea Leaves

B - Poppy

Hold Water Bucket in Hand

Crafting Bench

Coffee Grounds

A/B - Cocoa Beans



A - Coffee Grounds

B - Sugar

Crafting Bench

Hold Item Water Bucket