Calculators & Converters

Calculators & Converters

There are multiple converters or calculators you can use to make your experience better. The Snap EXP calculator will figure up how much exp you would get if your character was snapped or if they died. The Level calculator tells you how many days of exp you need before you reach your desired level (you can even check mark double exp too). The Coin converter will tell you how much platinum, gold, silver or copper you need based on the amount you input. For example 45000 copper (used on chest shops) converts to 45 platinum. Point Buy calculator is a fun additional one that just shows you how many points you have based on your stat arrangement. Game Payout Calculator allows you to calculate bet winnings with certain multipliers and different currency options.

D&D Level Calculator

Take your experience points from /card and then what level you want to reach. When you hit calculate it will by default tell you how many days irl it will take to hit that level using our Daily EXP. But if for some reason we have double exp just click the checkmark and it will calculate off double exp.

5th Edition D&D Coin Converter

In-game all of our shops use copper by default for pricing. This calculator helps you find out how much an item in a shop may be. So enter the amount you see on the sign and then select the currency (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and when you hit submit it will tell you how much it is in Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

SNAP Exp Calculator

This tells you how much exp you will get back based on our SNAP exp (or death) exp formula. Just enter your current exp and click calculate.

Dungeons & Dragons Point Buy Calculator

Just a simple calculator to track how many points you have left for Point Buy. Does not show your bonus stats from adding more or less points to each stat.

Game Payout Calculator

This is great for in-game use to calculating how much you need to pay someone if you do any type of cardgame or dice game. Input the amount for the bet and what currency it is then add the modify and when you calculate it will show you in the correct coin back.